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Kitco gold survey: professionals and retail investors believe that the price of gold will rebound up Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Global foreign exchange October 8th hearing – Friday (October 7th), (gold) (Kitco) released a weekly gold survey shows that, after this week fell more than 5%, the professional and retail investors are still bullish next week gold trend. In the survey of professionals, 18 people participated in the survey, of which 14 or 78% of people believe that gold will rise next week. 3 persons or 17% that gold will fall next week, only 1 persons, or 6% that gold will next week consolidation. Market participants include gold traders, investment banks, futures traders and technical analysts. This week, 463 people participated in the online survey of ordinary investors, of which 264 or 57% of gold is still expected to rise next week, while the number of people or 30% bearish, 62 or 13% remain neutral. For the trend this week, Wall Street 69% participants and 95% of the retail investors think gold will rise or consolidation or. However, Comex12 month gold futures contract in Beijing 23:31-33 business more than 10 thousand hand sell orders, $2 billion 250 million worth of throwing a single U.S. pressure drop of more than $20 to $1241.20 an ounce low, this week is expected to record up to about 5.5% decline. Although the price of gold fell this week, but Wall Street analysts remain bullish outlook. It is worth mentioning that, during the summer of 12 weeks, professionals in the 10 weeks to make a correct estimate. Some market participants will be inferior to the Friday September payrolls report is expected as bullish, while others said that from a technical point of view, the current price of gold has been oversold". Morrison market news editor Ken Morrison pointed out, "a few signs that the week its biggest one-day drop since June 2013, gold has hit a temporary bottom, this weekend positions decreased by 10%, the lowest level since June. In the price of gold at $1340 an ounce when I said that a strong dollar or a gold headwind factors, but with the dollar rebounded to July highs, the price of gold will be part of the callback material support. I expect the price of gold will rebound slightly to $1280 next week." VR Gold Letter editor Mark Leibovit said that the price of gold has entered 1220 to 1270 buy area". CMC Markets Canada’s chief market analyst Colin Cieszynski also bullish gold. He wrote, "I think the sell-off is overdone, the price of gold is technically oversold, so we can prepare for a rebound, in addition, the pound and the euro (that political risk concerns selling gold and the yen and grow with each passing day) today (unstable worries down, complacency increases this week also sell) more and more out of touch. theory相关的主题文章: