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Korean shipping giant Samsung filed for bankruptcy or a loss of $38 million of goods Hanjin container terminal of Inchon Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 7th news, according to foreign media reports, Samsung said on Tuesday that about $38 million worth of goods and components are South Korea Hanjin Shipping giant (Hanjin Shipping) operating on two cargo ships. Hanjin Shipping is currently in financial difficulties, has filed for bankruptcy protection last week. Samsung said in a court filing on Tuesday that the company was in favor of Hanjin Shipping filed for bankruptcy protection in the bankruptcy court under Chapter fifteenth of the bankruptcy law of the United states. If no protection act to avoid Hanjin’s assets were seized by creditors, then Hanjin Shipping cargo ship to shore. As long as Samsung’s goods continue to stay on the Korean ocean shipping, then Samsung’s loss may increase. Hanjin Shipping won an interim ruling on Tuesday that its US assets would not be affected by creditors. At the same time, Hanjin Shipping continues to promote restructuring in South korea. Hanjin Shipping is currently in trouble. Because of fears of Hanjin unable to pay the fees for the use of the dock and handling charges, or their goods may be seized by creditors, the United States, Asia and Europe to many ports of Hanjin cargo ashore. Hanjin Shipping said about 85 cargo ships stranded in the port of the 26 countries in the 50 countries. Samsung faces a huge cost Samsung said the company’s visual display business unit value of $24 million 400 thousand parts and finished goods loaded in the 304 containers, sent to the factory in Mexico. In addition, the Samsung home appliance sector refrigerators, washing machines and other products installed in 312 containers, worth $13 million 500 thousand. Samsung said that if these goods can not be immediately unloaded, the company will be forced to air replacement parts to fulfill contractual obligations, bear the huge cost". For example, Samsung needs to pack at least 16 aircraft transport of 1469 tons of goods, the cost of $8 million 800 thousand. "All of these costs and delay will not only let Samsung suffered losses, major retailers in the U.S. will suffer losses, and eventually losses to American consumers," Samsung said in a document, "to avoid major production interruption to Samsung and American retailers benefit is crucial, especially the holiday shopping season the dawn." Samsung said it was taking measures to minimize the impact of the incident on the company’s business, but did not disclose details. (compile Xiao rain)相关的主题文章: