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Large women’s day fashion three sisters popular science! Sohu are three sisters, this is a large number of Billboard show girls love woman combination of this combination is the long stalk like Britney Lady and Gaga Rihanna become ugly as is a global hot. If you don’t know you are out the main members are: Neyde is called sister for the first term to explain the Neyde Neyde Neyde is one of the most common names in Brazil use the name of the mostly wealthy lady servant poor novels usually have a servant named Neyde Neyde and Britney contact Brazil cloth black to the nickname Britney up because they think Britney in daily street often dressed in cheap unbearable like Brazil’s servant The character set are three sisters captain and sister rienne is legitimate good sister who gave out Derpga sister Neyde also opened twitter with the gum cross eyed sister Derpga Derpga there are other birth to eye the meaning of the character set is Neyde and she is a pair of sisters is Neyde but she is living in a legitimate concubines sister Neyde aura is constantly bullied her mutual enemy Lady Gaga as an addiction girl nature is also know this stem had concerts in Italy wearing masks Derpga fans to send Derpga to speak sister Rienne Rienne is learning Neyde sister sister are legitimate Because of noble birth and was not afraid of a Derpga and Neyde sister sister often excluded Derpga but a good sister elder sister and sister are often in the tear Mito beside the crowd forced!!                                                   相关的主题文章: