Late in the evening, a district of Huaian, a strange man was lying in the wrong house ppbox

At Huaian a residential stairwell is a strange man lying drunk went home yesterday (October 7th) at 10 o’clock, the public alarm, a staircase at Lianshui County of Huaian City, Yanhuang international community, lay a man, how didn’t shout what reaction, the police immediately rushed to the scene to see. According to the District Security Master Zhang introduced about half an hour ago, he heard a landlord responded that, in a staircase below a person asleep. Zhou master quickly stepped forward to see, if there is a man about more than and 50 years old lying on the side of the stairs, Zhang even pushed a few men, can let you how to call, the man always motionless. Zhang said the master, the weather is getting cold, and the outside and a light rain, so he quickly reported to the police. A few minutes later, Lianyuan City police station rushed to the scene, the police on nearby residents floor tenants were visited, confirmed that the man is not in the District, then, through its mobile phone contacts in the police found the man her daughter’s phone, through the communication, that the man’s home is Li set Branch River Village, evening county a restaurant to drink, drink a way into the Yanhuang international community. In order to prevent accidents, in order to seek their daughter’s consent, the police call the hospital phone, soon, 120 ambulances rushed to the hospital for the man. Police remind the general public, usually drink the best drink, grasp a "degree", to prevent accidents events.相关的主题文章: