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I love my family and the layout of Fangshan Beijing bloomage reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation depth – Beijing, Beijing, 12 September,   September 12, 2016, Albert I love my family group and Beijing Fangshan region the most famous brand, the largest market share of the first real estate brokerage company "bloomage estate" officially reached a comprehensive strategic depth cooperation. This is the year Albert I love my family group expansion in the scale of enterprises, following the January and Hangzhou "real estate" in April and the Beijing Shunyi "love real estate, Wuxi in July with the" China Anyuan "strategic cooperation is another important strategic layout. With the acceleration of the development and construction of Fangshan in recent years, the real estate market is increasingly mature, new houses, second-hand housing and housing rental market transactions are also increasing, according to statistics, 2016 1-8 months, Fangshan area for 12242 sets of new volume, which is 1.1 times the annual volume of new homes in Fangshan District in 2015; 2016 1-8 month Fangshan area, the sale of second-hand housing turnover is 10100 units, which is 1.4 times the 2015 Fangshan District second-hand housing turnover. The rapid development of Fangshan, not only become the country’s well-known enterprises, such as 170000, decimating a hotly contested spot, has become the focus of regional real estate brokerage business development agency. Brokers Fangshan area mostly in the Fangshan native regional enterprises, although in recent years, the chain of home and other national brand brokerage companies have entered Fangshan, but in 1999 the establishment of the "China City real estate" facing the fierce market competition, with strict management, standardized service regular, and nearly 1000 employees and nearly 60 stores in Fangshan, still sit tight in the top spot in the industry brokerage. Albert I love my family this time with the China real estate reached a comprehensive depth of strategic cooperation, strategic significance is self-evident. On the one hand, not only to fill the Albert I love my family group in the Fangshan area of business and blank, quickly became the market share of the first enterprise; on the other hand, in addition to the sale of second-hand housing, rental housing, trading houses and other traditional businesses, Albert I love my family group will be housing asset management subsidiary (phase blending overseas real estate transaction service), and related financial services and real estate industry chain, and I love my family and I love my family’s official website 5i5j APP online real estate service platform into a comprehensive Beijing Fangshan District, the overall increase in income at the same time, further standardize and promote the development of regional real estate brokerage industry. This is obviously good, also known as logic, but it is not all motives of Albert I love my family group and Beijing Huaxi estate "friendship". I love my family "friendship" bloomage behind the story to 2016 year, in the last round of O2O air real estate brokerage industry reshuffle is coming to an end, the bubble dispersed, can see, once over the new intermediary advocate of the Internet part of the naked has disappear from the wave. II is also the arena Chinese reshuffle, the real estate brokerage industry has opened a new era, in the sight of the customer who is not by the momentum even louder, but real power strength. In this context, Albert I love my family and.相关的主题文章: