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Lenovo MotoM release: the first MediaTek P15, the impact of eleven – Sohu technology after a series of exposure and Tmall shelves and other news today, Lenovo officially released the latest Moto series of mobile phones -Moto M. At present, Lenovo has only retained the Moto mobile phone product line, Moto M is the first new product after Lenovo strategic adjustment, is a positioning in the end of the model. Moto M and after the exposure of the information, all metal body, back three piece design, the surface of the sand, the continuation of the series Moto round fuselage design consistent, in the box with a polished chamfering process. 5.5 inch 1080P screen, equipped with MediaTek’s first Helio P15 processor, clocked at up to 2.2GHz, equipped with 64 element dual core Mali-T860 GPU, 4GB RAM+32GB ROM memory combinations (128GB expansion card), running Android 6 system. The photo, Moto M 8 million front 16 million + rear camera, support temperature and dynamic phase focus (CCT) function of dual LED flash automatic adjustment. Moto M fingerprint recognition is located on the back of the fuselage, which supports fingerprint payment, fingerprint photography and other functions, built-in 3050 MAH capacity battery, support fast charging, charging power of 10W. On the other hand, Moto M also uses nano waterproof coating, waterproof has certain ability, such as splash, rain and so on, it is also equipped with a panoramic view of Dolby sound audio enhancement technology, dual nano-SIM card support 4G+ full netcom. Moto M with gold and silver to dazzle the world cool color version, priced at 1999 yuan, 18:00 scheduled to start from November 8th, November 9th to begin selling the line, double 11 will be in full open platform to buy. The design of Moto M is actually quite the first generation Moto G taste, but in the current mobile phone market the lack of innovation in the launch of new products to give people the feeling is not in the past, Moto M in addition to the more prominent rounded body, all metal cover this "basic configuration" has been not very good to catch the audience eye. In addition to some domestic manufacturers of mobile phone is not very competitive compared in the configuration, but from the fingerprint recognition, fast charge, ability to take pictures of these integrated configuration, which is regarded as the end of a machine full of sincerity, so we can get recognized by the market, to the time to prove.相关的主题文章: