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Liuzhou bank chairman cut case of 12 people jailed for incitement to exposure details – Sohu news in the distance of 45 meters behind the gate area, Liuzhou bank chairman Li Yaoqing suddenly a knife, a scream and shout has not yet finished, continuous was cut two knife. Li Yaoqing bleeding 3500 ml, almost killed, identified as severely injured level two. The loan is due to unexpected calamity befell the Bank of Liuzhou Wu Dong family risk investigation, which caused the dissatisfaction of the Wu Dong family, Wu Dong two sons "incitement to murder conspiracy". Later, the police arrested 12 gang members. Recently, the city of Guangxi District Court in Liuzhou, in order to intentional injury, harboring crimes were sentenced to 12 years to 5 years, ranging from 6 months to 2 years of punishment. Wu Dongceng is the Guangxi district "investment tycoon", if a murder, the Wu Dong family is still not Piandai surfaced. After the chairman was cut, the Bank of Liuzhou to speed up the Wu Dong family loan risk investigation and alarm. Procuratorate on suspicion of defrauding loans to 8 people, such as the prosecution of wu. The number one reporter was informed that, according to the prosecution allegations, in 4 years, the Wu Dong family suspected of illegally from Liuzhou bank for loans 250 pen totaling 31 billion 200 million yuan. Currently, the case is under trial. The door on Li Yaoqing was cut three knife and chopped three knife at a distance of 45 meters outside the gate of their own community, Liuzhou bank chairman Li Yaoqing was chopped three knife after lying in a pool of blood. The murder occurred in two years ago, May 10, 2014 15 am, on a Saturday afternoon. Guangxi District of Liuzhou City Road in the city, ready to go to the sports Li Yaoqing walk to the area outside the shoe repair take cleaning shoes, shoes know not cleaned after the defendant, Li Yaoqing and driver Chen to return to the original road area. The area outside of a Chevrolet car down a young man, quickly pulled out a 20 cm long knife Kanxiang Li Yaoqing back. A scream not shout out, followed by two knife, blood DC, a middle-aged woman witnessed the horrors, fainted on the roadside. Along with Li Yaoqing, the driver Chen said, a man cut three knife quickly after go out to the opposite of the car ran, he chased out after a few steps are called "Chairman, chairman at the time said to me, don’t chase, to send him to the hospital". Master Chen picked up Li Yaoqing and found a T-shirt back tattered, deep rib outward open, blood gushing out. Too late to report to the police, Chen master picked up the car from the Bank of Li Yaoqing parked not far away, all the way back to the nearest hospital. Because the wound is too large to die, the hospital can not cure, master Chen and drive all the way, will have the Yaoqing coma Lee rushed to the hospital for treatment of Liuzhou City, Li Yaoqing nearly died 3500 ml of bleeding. Li Yaoqing was hospitalized for 45 days, after identification, hemorrhagic shock after the injury is a moderate shock, severe injury of grade two. The second day of the incident at 10 pm, Liuzhou police first in Lu Chuan County of Yulin City, 3 suspects were arrested, 9 people have been arrested. Do family shell was found Piandai "it happened too suddenly, master Chen said, Li Yaoqing usually is good, did not see him lose his temper. For the police, chen.相关的主题文章: