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Luroda Mulan Racer finalized a strong lineup of beauty – Sohu automobile in September 11th, 2016 luroda oil cup Mulan elite race will be held at the Shanghai International Speedway, this event hosted by Minter racing, by luroda lubricants title, is the first Chinese specifically for the female driver of car races, racing car is a professional refit Geely Imperial EC7-RV match tire provided by Lu hang tire. At present, event driver registration has been completed, 20 female drivers are: Li Jianan, Qi Yan, Zhou Mei, dragon?? and Zang Xiaodong, and Chen Saili, Lin Lin, Lei, Cha Feifei, He Jingjing, Li Xiangqi, Peng Yahong, Wella, Song Nannan, Wang Fengping, San Yang Tuo, Yang Xiaohua, Zhai Manhua, Zhao Yina, Liu Bo. This list includes almost all of China’s well-known female drivers, can be described as a strong lineup. Among them, Li Jianan, Mei, Qi Yan, Zhou long, Lin Lin, and Chen Saili?? Mingtai racing known as the origin, have participated in the public car racing host Mingtai challenge, some more than once. And Li Jianan in the car circle has a certain reputation, once through the audition, and get the chance to compete with the F1 driver Vitel, who won the drag racing champion, also won the slalom champion, is also the godfather of Tuwu kyu drift girl opened the door. Zang Xiaodong, Lei and Mingtai car also some sources, in December 2014, has been renamed Minter racing nerka international racing held a public number for WeChat (CFGP0001) racing kart challenge fans, two beautiful riders participated in the competition, eventually won the championship and Zang Xiaodong, Lei won the runner up, impressive. Female driver He Jingjing participated in the Chinese Rally Championship (CRC), and repeatedly won the CRC women’s cup, the strength is quite good. As a member of the famous Linky Racing racing team, Zhai Manhua has repeatedly touring car endurance race experience. Zhao Yina several times in the Chengdu area Go Kart Race podium, go kart is a master, this is the car in the event for the first time. Song Nannan won several times in the car manufacturers in the game, and there are many car endurance race experience, is also very powerful. Although Liu Bo did not participate in the official car races, but also participated in the organization of sports car manufacturers, and has won the women’s group first. Check the Fei Fei and Liu Bo experiences, did not participate in the official car race, but also in the automotive manufacturers competitive activities made outstanding achievements. Of course, the contestants are such as Li Xiangqi, Wang Fengping, Peng Yahong, Wella, Yang Xiaohua, Yang Tuo sang this car experience rarely, but the car with unlimited enthusiasm racing enthusiasts, they will be in the tournament from the fans to the driver’s metamorphosis. Previously, although in major automotive events with women’s figure appeared, but has no specific women’s events, Mulan classic is the creation of the world, provides a stage for China Budweiser a woman racing enthusiasts. Here, the value of more strength to fight the fight Yan, is a show, it is the battlefield! Many high Yan value female driver for the majority of fans will offer an exciting new game.相关的主题文章: