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Liu Qiangdong Ma Huateng charity group called to donate step to support poverty alleviation running chicken technology Sohu yesterday by the Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong and Tencent Inc chief executive officer Ma Huateng brush a public campaign initiated burst circle of friends. The event called friends of common donated a WeChat sports daily number of each step, accumulated to 100 thousand, by the Jingdong for fresh farmers in poor areas to donate a chicks get chicks, farmers can be under the guidance of green feed, develop after the Jingdong will repurchase and sold in the Jingdong store, to help farmers through breeding out of poverty rich. Active link:? Activity_id=40 up to 8 days at 11 in the morning, just 10 hours, there have been nearly 20 thousand users participated in the activities, the number of donations has been close to the 200 million step step, Jingdong has donated more than 1 thousand and 900 chicks. It is understood that Jingdong running a chicken project to help poor people from the electricity supplier Liu Qiangdong precise poverty alleviation of a vision. His intention is, the green food safety and precise combination of poverty, the farmers all natural and ecological farming chicks, while providing more security to help farmers to get rich chicken for consumers. At the beginning of this year, the Jingdong set up a special poverty alleviation project team running chicken ", selected in the key counties for National Poverty Alleviation — Hebei Wuyi, is under the jurisdiction of the village of the old, the sick and disabled poor farmers, providing unified cultivation of the Taihang chicken chicks, and the whole scattered breeding technology training and guidance of chaiji. Poor farmers in accordance with the Jingdong culture standard, will run chickens over 160 days, by the Jingdong after a standardized screening of fresh chicken farms were acquired by Jingdong, and the advantages of the platform, for all aspects of sales, home delivery from the acquisition of direct control, "the establishment of industry – Support – pin the whole industry chain the closed loop ensures that the poverty alleviation running quality of chicken. "Double 11" on the eve of the first aid running chickens have on-line sale, hundreds of poor households benefit poor households, each can earn an average income of 3000 yuan. After the launch of the running chicken project, immediately got the attention of all circles. Tencent Inc chief executive Ma Huateng Liu Qiangdong has repeatedly and carried out the project discussion, and by the Tencent and the Jingdong launched a fresh public approach of the public activities. According to the introduction of the event, the user simply by donating the number of steps WeChat can participate in poverty alleviation action. 1000 per person per day step up to donate, donated a total of 100 thousand steps, the Jingdong is free for poor farmers to send a chicks. The event also created a new model of social + welfare + electricity supplier + poverty. According to Jingdong, Jingdong running chicken poverty alleviation public action through the Jingdong play the advantages of electronic business platform, "Internet +" to help the country precise poverty alleviation strategy, with practical action to practice the industrial poverty, poverty, poverty alleviation and employment entrepreneurship policy. Next, the Jingdong will continue to be "running chicken" into a real green food brand, to help more poor farmers through the project to achieve poverty alleviation, but also provide more health and safety of fresh ingredients for consumers, to achieve a win-win situation.相关的主题文章: