Make an unnecessary move It’s so stylish (video) foldercure

Make an unnecessary move? It was so fashionable that Gigi wore a very special dress Pants? The reason why the question mark is because this single product even if the skirt is also the pants, the single product from R13. It let small attention to fashion is now very popular to wear dress pants – in. Half skirt + trousers only a skirt has been unable to meet modern people’s enthusiasm, a combination of dresses and trousers seem superfluous, but make an unnecessary move, add to the fun and sense of hierarchy, so that the whole is more worth watching. The most simple wear method can learn Gigi as a direct selection of culottes single product, double grey and double black is certainly not wrong ~ or grey and black two classic neutral day unbeaten in a block, let the feminine aesthetics with a special spark neutral wind collided ~ funny fashion blogger Leandra Leandra in elegant the dress in wearing casual jeans, red high heels also highlights. Liu Tao: I very love I have for the "2" selected other Leandra like Leandra really love to wear pants, skirt collocation, such as sweater + skirt + pants to wear her repeatedly with wear. Or you can put the silk sweater for a single product, a lot of this moment noble ~ in the autumn and winter fashion trends – suit and then put on a pleated skirt, it won’t seem too formal boring ~ this summer hot wrap skirt don’t hurry up, wear trousers inside it. Still charming countless ~ Camisole dress skirt + pants this accidentally is easy to wear too Niang gas single product, is the need to control and pants it, so you can easily create a fashionable style gas no bitch. Before with a vogue Ju Wen’s photographs, although she is not wearing one piece, but because of small private love, so you want to see. Dress + Muller + trousers or slippers, with lazy and through a little sexy, almost perfect ~ fire to small don’t want to say more sleep in a T-shirt or shirt dress trousers in shape, blessing, small is it refresh to say, this dress instantly with others to distinguish, others dumped a street ~ Tianleng, replaced turtleneck still fashionable is not wrong ~ vest dress is in the same way, add shirt depends on temperature, anyway, will not lose ~ this is the collocation Strapless skirt + trousers a bad street single product out of their taste. Off the shoulder in the summer to play bad, strapless is almost everywhere with that one, but how to stand out, or cannot do without a upstage pants, and the temperature has started softly in the autumn, pants can give us warm ~ Blue strapless dress + white jeans. Safety color simple styles can easily get to the eye, but you don’t like her scarf tied with plaster…… if there is a lotus leaf edge Strapless skirt, you should choose a body style and tights, or the like no waist expansion like baby bear is not beautiful.相关的主题文章: