Mei Mei if you get a $44 million severance payment 魔界骑士イングリッド

Mui if fired with $44 million in compensation for BI Chinese station reported on September 10th Verizon acquisition of YAHOO deal still has a lot of problems, one big problem is: YAHOO CEO Marisa · Meijer (Marissa Mayer) to find a job in the Verizon company. If she could not find a suitable job in Verizon, she would take a $44 million severance payment directly, according to a filing filed Friday afternoon with the securities and exchange commission. If’s acquisition of YAHOO’s deal is finalized, then Meijer will be in the year after the end of the transaction to be protected by the severance plan. She will get: a year of basic salary, annual performance bonus, a certain number of Medicaid, planned to grant her stock option in the qualification within 6 months after her resignation. These add up to about $3 million, of which $1 million is the basic salary, $2 million is a bonus. But Meijer because of resignation, the bulk of compensation from the so-called "golden parachute compensation plan", according to the plan if Meijer was fired, then she will receive a $40 million 900 thousand worth of shares, including the company awarded the Meijer YAHOO stock options and restricted stock. It is unclear whether Meijer will find another way. Recode previously reported that Meijer may be within 6 to 9 months after the formal conclusion of the transaction to leave the company. If this is the case, then Meijer will certainly be able to get through the golden parachute compensation scheme to obtain high compensation. The specific amount of compensation will be determined by the time Meijer left YAHOO. Earlier this year, YAHOO filed with the securities and Exchange Commission another document shows that Meijer’s golden parachute worth $54 million 900 thousand. (compile Lin Jingdong) recommended: concern Tencent digital WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi) to get apple iPhone 7 dynamic, the latest information, purchase guide, detailed evaluation, one hand video, interactive live everything. Chat chat point what? Look here.相关的主题文章: