Men’s home robbery and murder of a woman living alone said if not arrested will still commit crimes winavi video converter

Man burglary killing solitary woman say if not caught will commit crimes original title: Haikou 18 year old man living alone woman said no burglary killing arrested crime suspect Yang will be questioning the suspect Yang has been detained the suspect Yang was arrested recently, Haikou Longhua police rapid detection of 2016· 11· 2 burglary, robbery and murder, arrested the suspect yang. Currently, the suspect Yang has been under criminal detention by the police in Longhua. The case is under further investigation. Solitary female rental killed, cash property looted the evening of November 2nd, Haikou coastal village a rental occurred burglary, robbery and murder, a solitary female Kwak was killed in the rental house, cash property looted. After the incident, the Longhua police attention, immediately set up a task force Police Brigade command, dispatched elite police night to carry out investigation work. The case study of criminal suspects are extremely dangerous and is likely to again. The police task force visited the scene and the surrounding track, find out the suspect, and the suspect’s identity in a foothold suspects. Through in-depth analysis of the suspect’s modus operandi, the police concluded that the suspect is extremely dangerous, probably committing the crime again, must be arrested as soon as possible. The city wanted suspects still in Haikou, the hotel sleep arrested the task force on the one hand through the 110 command center will be the city’s public security organs suspects identity information bulletin, the city wanted to implement surveillance suspects; on the other hand increase Mopai efforts, for as soon as possible to arrest suspects. 5 at 1 pm, after fighting for two days and two nights, the ad hoc group on the Haikou Red City Lake Road in a hotel in the dream of the suspect Yang (male, 18 years old, Haikou people) arrested. The suspect confessed that cash strapped robbery, if not caught will commit crimes after the interrogation, the suspect Yang on November 2nd to the coastal village of a rental robbed and killed the victim Kwak confessed to the crime. According to Yang confessed, because he was in short supply, resulting in the robbery of the idea of renting a woman living alone. When the implementation of the robbery, because the victim Kwak resistance, so readily picked up a fruit knife from the table will Kwak killed. Yang said that if he was not arrested, will continue to carry out robbery. At present, the suspect Yang has been Longhua police criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. The insider said his victims in the incident near the beauty salon work last night, reporter further learned that the day of the Longhua police and 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene, Kwak has been killed because of his injuries. Reporters learned from informed sources, Guo lived in a nearby beauty salon to work, after the incident, she was familiar with the presence of the staff. Police remind women living alone should be hanging out of the window or balcony men’s clothing Haikou police remind the general public, to improve safety awareness, sleep before the door and window相关的主题文章: