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Michelin can make Chinese suffered The climate does not suit one., delicacy standard? Original title: Michelin can make Chinese suffered The climate does not suit one., delicacy standard? Author: Ren takan     source: public number "glacier think tank" Michelin to enter the mainland China, dining guide, worthy of recognition. But Michelin is facing a "complex China" (HA HA) and it China, enter the mainland first station is one of the most complex China dining environment in Shanghai, so I come to The climate does not suit one. People are afraid of famous pigs afraid of zhuang. In the recent "Michelin Shanghai guide" top 18 "Star Restaurant", one called "Tai’an" restaurant suspected of operating without a license, in the "guide", has been a criminal investigation department of market supervision, and ordered its closure. Friends joked, witnessed the birth of the short-lived Michelin restaurant history". But the restaurant business for Michelin yangmingliwan, not false at all. This episode is nothing. The key is, the Michelin dining guide does not seem so convincing, I see the limited information on WeChat in the circle of friends, the representative views focus on a suspected Michelin judges not too eat Shanghai food, so the "Michelin Shanghai guide" is actually the Michelin Hongkong Shanghai branch of evidence is the local guide Shanghai cuisine is less, but accounted for a lot of Guangdong; two is the taste evaluation is not uniform, some feel that a restaurant is good, but not as good as that of Michelin, others feel puzzled, be startled at a restaurant "" so unpalatable is also on the list?" It seems, release this "Michelin Shanghai guide", and did not play the role of hero row seating. Everyone in the bulkhead competition to do business, now, the "guide" is a more controversial. So, China’s food and beverage need to Michelin to "guide"? I think it’s very necessary. Chinese restaurant is too complex originated in France in the face of Michelin, Chinese catering is very complex, whether it can be out soon, I don’t think so. The evaluation of the meaning of Michelin star. First, China’s geographical environment is very complex, not only latitude span is large, and a variety of geological conditions are available, which determines the types of products in China, more than most countries on earth and rich and complex. Enough variety of ingredients, determines its food and beverage, than most countries in the world to be complex. Two, China has a long history, unlike most of the world civilization, often cut off. The historical accumulation, accumulation of many food such as the will of course results, some dishes China today, even thousands of years of tradition, such as "Dongpo’s braised pork" Legend of Su Dongpo’s creation of the Northern Song dynasty. Another result is that more wild plants have been domesticated as edible vegetables. Some statistics, Europe has more than 200 kinds of vegetables, and China local 600 kinds, a very important reason, is a lot of inedible wild herbs in the recurring famines, have been domesticated for vegetables. The three is the difference between the internal catering culture, nor other countries can match. For example, has never been the people of Sichuan, think the whole world is Sichuan Hao相关的主题文章: