Ministry of Commerce held to promote the structural side of the supply side of the television and te

Promote the supply side structural reform teleconference held   Ministry of Commerce; Zhang Jindong share Internet retail experience — Finance — in August 24th, the Ministry of Commerce held a leading domestic circulation accelerate innovation, promote structural reform, the supply side of television and telephone conference. Su ningyun Group Chairman Zhang Jindong as the person in charge of the enterprise on behalf of participants, share in recent years, Suning Internet retail development experience. Zhang Jindong said that in recent years, Suning initiative to grasp the new tools and new technologies to the Internet technology companies, intelligent services as the location, and actively promote the integration of the retail line on the line. Suning has through the Internet and Internet Plus +, achieves the integration of physical stores, desktop computer, mobile phone, PAD television channel four terminal; with the Internet technology grafting retail core resources, provide financial and logistics data cloud, cloud services to the community, to create a new model of Internet retail profit. As of now, there are more than 6 thousand companies in the use of data cloud services Suning, more than 1 thousand enterprises in the sharing of logistics service Suning, Suning financial offers 30 billion yuan financing service platform for suppliers and businesses last year. In addition, around the new market space development, Zhang Jindong said, on the one hand, Suning open platform operation, within a few years of rapid commodity rich category to about 21000000, to build a multi category, integrated shopping portal; relying on Suning logistics advantage on the other hand, nearly 2000 straight stores accelerate penetration of the three or four class city and part of the township market, synchronized industrial products to the countryside and agricultural town. The current focus on the development of the retail industry, Zhang Jindong said firmly: "supply side structural reform, The Belt and Road globalization, urbanization development, the new era is opening quality of consumption, individual consumption, the retail industry will usher in a new stage of rapid development, promote the upgrading of consumption, service industry transformation is the fundamental current Suning Internet the development of the retail model." As Chinese "Internet plus" development of the practical sample, Su ningyun a statement of the representatives of enterprises, in the new round of development of the Internet in the first wave of talent shows itself are not unrelated. The day before, Chinese CCPIT, President of the International Chamber of Commerce China Jiang Zengwei just met Zhang Jindong around, Suning Internet retail development advantages, the two sides reached a strategic cooperation, to jointly implement the overseas promotion plan Chinese cross-border business enterprise etc. next, Suning will bear the "Chinese ASEAN cross-border electronic business platform development, the construction, operation and management of the task. Not only that, Suning Internet retail model in recent years also have been to Yunnan, Gansu and other provinces in the government work report, at present, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Hebei, Hubei and other more than and 10 provinces and municipalities have established strategic cooperation with suning. In April this year, the Ministry of agriculture launched the "Apple supplier sales" activities, Suning 3 days to help Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other places farmers sell 6 million pounds of apples, to gain high recognition under the State Council and the Ministry of agriculture. In the critical period of the current domestic distribution system development, Suning represented online and offline integration of the Internet retail model has become the trend of development of the industry. Well versed in)相关的主题文章: