Mortgage soared nearly 3 trillion still can play down the lever of ten percent off can curb real hot winsockfix

Mortgage soared nearly 3 trillion still can play down the lever of ten percent off can curb real hot? Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August – Title: mortgage soared nearly 3 trillion yuan can still hit ten percent off, "credit" "down lever" can curb real hot? Two data Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter Shen Yang Yi, Zheng Juntian of the people’s Bank of China released in August showed that after soared 2 trillion and 300 billion yuan in the first half of July, the household sector of individual housing loans, long-term loans increased by 477 billion 300 million yuan, to continue the rapid expansion of the size of the mortgage. Xinhua viewpoint reporter recently found that hot city prices are expected to remain high. In the eyes of the bank, the mortgage is still a quality asset, ten percent off mortgage widespread. In this context, to restart the purchase limit credit means to curb the high leverage of the real estate asset risk? There are ten percent off common benefits, mortgage bank asset quality as the National Bureau of Statistics recently released "2016 July 70 large and medium-sized city housing sales price changes show that since the beginning of the year prices rising hot city although the momentum slowed, but the overall look is still high fever". In these hot cities, loans generally become just need to buy a house, the first choice of investment passengers. Implementation of Chinese monetary policy report "disclosed that the people’s Bank of China released" the second quarter of 2016, an increase of 2 trillion and 300 billion yuan in the first half of individual housing loans, an increase of 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan at the end of 6, the growth rate reached 32.2%, the monthly increment of record highs. Reporters learned from Beijing, Shanghai regulatory authorities, the Beijing Shanghai two cities in the first half of this year, individual housing loans increased by more than $300 billion. The reason for the mortgage soared, the central bank analysts believe that this is mainly due to the higher growth rate of home sales in the first half, driven by the rapid growth of individual housing loans. In the first half, the national commercial housing sales grew by 42.1% over the same period last year, a substantial increase of the growth rate of 32.1 percentage points. Reporters in Beijing, Chaoyang District in the sale of a real estate, in the price of 50 thousand yuan per square meter last year rose to $80 thousand this year, the price of small units also rose from $about 6000000 to $about 4000000 per set. A sales staff said, just need to purchase pressure, in the "30% Shoufu" policy, the majority of people are in accordance with the 70% of the loans to buy a house, and now is the size of the bank are on sale. Reporters investigating the hot city a number of banks found that the face of the need to increase the cost of buying a house to buy a house, the bank in the hot city basically, according to a single full income". In particular, some small and medium banks, for the purchase of the first suite, and in line with the relevant preferential policies to buy a house, you can still enjoy ten percent off mortgage. Insiders said that the previous round of real estate regulation, bank mortgage interest rates have been subject to regulatory restrictions, especially for those who push up the price of investment. However, in the case of this year, most of the high prices of hot cities, mortgage concessions are still large area. Incomplete statistics such as financial institutions such as 360, the country’s more than and 500 kinds of banks among them, nearly 40% of the loans provided by the ten percent off. Banks are quite optimistic about the mortgage, not only as a quality asset, but also said it would continue to focus on support. Reporter statistics;相关的主题文章: