Ni Ni,,, gathered in the Elle annual report – Sohu

Li Yuchun,, gathered in the ELLE annual report – Sohu, I see 10 years of barbaric growth in, Li Yuchun out of an endless path of growth. She is a singer, with soothing all voice; she is a "supermodel", unique personal charm attracted many designers. She is Li Yuchun, a well deserved ELLE style icon. Li Yuchun came gently from the corner of the stairs, and the whole house stopped to look at her. She walked into the innermost room like an empty space. When she passed me, I said hello to her, she moved her jaw and nodded. This day, Li Yuchun to take 7 different sets of other large, must be taken at 3 pm before completion, she wanted to go to the dance rehearsal room because after 8 p.m., and the band will meet, rehearse, until 12 at night to rest. The second day is the same rhythm. The closer to the brutal growth tour, the more compact her itinerary. As a representative of the style icon, Li Yuchun and friends Ni Ni meet together cover shoot, two people meet a relaxed atmosphere. In the ELLE TV video mutual questions link, Li Yuchun was a tiger, cocked his head at the Ni Ni: first I ask you? The golden flower golden jacket pants (Gucci) black flower pattern shirt (Burberry) rose gold ring light gold watch PVD coating (Gucci) (Helen Lee) asymmetric sweater deep blue sequined pants (Diesel) silver high-heeled boots (Louis Vuitton) (Gucci from Saf ILO black sunglasses) black skirt black tassel black leather leggings (Valentino) black high-heeled boots (Louis Vuitton) Silver Garden series tiger Necklace lion multi finger ring (Gucci) Alexander Wang x Chris Lee (Alexander Wang) white T-shirt green white blue leather pants (Lacoste) Grass (Helen Lee) silver embroidery low sports shoes (Gucci) G-Timeless series light gold watch lion multi finger ring PVD coating Silver Garden series double weave pearl tiger ring ring (Gucci) asymmetry (Helen Lee) Black Sunglasses sweater (Gucci from Saf ILO) Li Yuchun (Gucci) with green arrow style cheongsam ring Silver Garden series G-Ti stellers Bracelet hung相关的主题文章: