One hundred classic car collection will debut in Beijing design week xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

100 classic cars collections will be unveiled at the Beijing Design Week – Beijing, Beijing, September 22 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yin Li) as one of the Beijing International Design Week theme of the exhibition, "the classic review — the modern era of automobile design exhibition" on September 26th officially launched. The show will continue to show the world a collection of 100 classic collection of the world’s classic cars, exhibits history spanning from 1906 to 1991, most of them are in China for the first time on display. This reporter learned from the 22 conference. September 22nd, 2016 Beijing international design week called the media briefing, the Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the design week, Beijing Municipal Information Office Director Zhou Maofei released the main contents of the design of the main body of the 2016 Beijing international design highlights. As one of the theme of the exhibition, "the classic review – modern times automobile design exhibition" and the innovative design services conference, Beijing international design trade fair two main plate of the thematic promotion. According to organizers, the modern era of automobile design exhibition across the 100 year history of classic car collection is the origin, starting from the automobile design dimensions, analyzes hidden behind the car design aesthetics development history information. The exhibition is divided into "classical" luxury "art" and "streamline design" and "dream time" "time" garage "interactive creative" future car plate, in addition to the classic car show also add a large number of car design history data and 3D printing technology to display, and people sharing and thinking about the past and the future car design. The exhibition will be displayed to the public 100 world class collection of classic cars, exhibits history spanning from 1906 to 1991, most of the models are on display for the first time in the world that Chinese, which includes not only the quantity and the classic models of rare, also include many hands from palace level designers world car design history classic masterpiece. According to the organizers revealed that many of the exhibits in the exhibition, including the 1910 release of R.E.O. Four cylinder wagon, the surviving number no more than 10 vehicles, a car design in the history of the "living fossil"; released in October 1930 Cadillac V12 370A with custom-built body, producing a small number, served as the pace car in the Indianapolis 500 mile grand prix competition; Pontiac became an independent model Bonneville in 1958, the space age shape design style, color paint with plenty of chrome, it also marks one of the muscle car prototype. The 2016 Beijing international design week to design 2020 "as the theme, will be held from September 23rd to October 7th, covering the opening ceremony, the theme of the exhibition, guest city, classic design award, Beijing design forum, market design, innovative design, design services conference international trade fair, design tour and other 9 main contents, covering Beijing Tianjin Hebei various cultural and creative places, showcase, promote the integration of the development of cultural and creative design services and related industry innovations. (end)相关的主题文章: