Optimistic girl young accident lost his left arm to study hard and don’t give up 高达08ms小队

Optimistic girl young accident lost his left arm to study hard and don’t give up at noon on September 17th, the Hubei Institute of Arts District playground, other students dormitory rest, a 19 year old girl Li Yu still armed in the playground playing the way, stand junzi. In order to school military parade in the team dragged the hind legs, strong she always repeated practice without the action of left arm of Li Yu, firmly believe that people can do, she can do. Fate let Li Yu lost an arm, but did not break the wings of her dream. Li Yu said that her dream is to be a teacher, let more children realize their dream school childhood accident lost his left arm Li Yu is Jujube City Subdistrict Office Zhang Wan Village, 7 years old, an accident changed her life path. Li Yu’s parents in a small business, each to the wheat and rice harvest season, they will go to the village, the young Li Yu often helped her parents. One night in the summer of 2004, Li Yu was accidentally involved in a high-speed machine. Terrible pain, Li Yu fainted. When she woke up, she was in the hospital. "Mom, where is my left hand?" The endless pain and fear in the hearts of the spread, Li Yu piercing cry. "My child, managed to scrounge a life, we must live strong." Li Xiaohua mother and daughter cry on each other’s shoulder. Later, Li Yu learned from the parents of a word or two, her left arm by high speed rotating cutter machine into pieces, unable to connect. Not only her left arm, body is hurt machine sewing needle in the end how many injured all over the body, she is not clear, the number of. Difficult to learn not to give up from that day, eating, dressing these ordinary people the easiest thing to do for Li Yu has become extremely difficult. Li Xiaohua encouraged her: "small Yu, you have to remember, to the future is not a" basket case ", you have to pay a lot more efforts than normal!" "At first, I didn’t even brush my teeth. I always put my toothbrush flat and squeeze the toothpaste. When the toothbrush is upside down, you can start again. I practiced over and over again, my mother was crying and I cried." Li Yu said, "every time I cry, I will be stronger". Junior high school, Li Yu began to live. Away from her parents, she has to face more difficulties. Before the Department of shoelaces are my mother to help, to school, she learned to use the teeth and hand tied shoelaces; previously, the clothes are mother wash, and now to wash their own, wring dry clothes, she helped with the teeth…… Li Yu lost his left arm, writing is not easy. Sound writing, his left hand down the pages, and only the right hand right hand writing, she can only put the ring finger out on the left, with only more than and 10 cm long arm presses down a book, slowly writing. Because of slow writing, high school, Li Yu chose to write a relatively small amount of science. "Chinese composition can not write every time, the text of the comprehensive writing volume, I simply can not write." Li Yu said. In the school, teachers and students of Li Yu no discrimination, but give her more attention and care. "Everybody cares about me. I almost never feel lonely and self abased. I am willing to raise their hands to ask questions in class, writing on the blackboard on the platform." Li Yu said. Dress slowly, she will be earlier than others every day相关的主题文章: