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The park was selling fish Crazy Fishing Park reminder: ornamental fish inedible Beijing – in September 28th, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that members of the public have sold out of the red scarf Park in hugulou subway E port used to eat red carp. Honglingjin park management office staff said, the park is currently under construction transformation, lake water is drained before a large number of red carp have been sent to Chaoyang Park and Ritan Park foster, public fishing is a remnant of the fish. Relevant institutions had water quality on the lake park tested, including two indicators of non-compliance, can not eat, to remind the general public for their own safety not to park lake fish, the fish has been to buy residents for their own health should be cautious about eating. Some people live Park sold seven hundred or eight hundred kg of fish in September 28th, some people claimed that around 1 pm, someone selling red carp in the near Hujialou subway E port on the ground, a lot of people passing by stopped to ask the price and the fish, there are a lot of people choose to go after buying food. BYD reporter on the scene saw near Hujialou subway stations on the ground have piled up fish residual traces of water, electric tricycle a nets hung next to air, a hose to the faucet extends to the nearby roads nearby, a few carp before the fish man is selling in the cleaning the rest of the scene could smell very fishy. At the scene cleaning scales of the fisherman told reporters BYD, the sale of the fish is 9 day morning go to the red scarf Park Lake fishing, fishing for about seven hundred or eight hundred pounds, back half an hour after they sold out". About the price, the man said: "no matter on the number of pounds to buy, 40 yuan big one, a little, a 20 yuan, about half an hour to get robbed, the rest I keep it to myself to eat or give." About the park raised red carp can eat, the person said, "no problem, you can eat." According to the site of a sanitation worker, sell fish man at around 1 o’clock already to fishing the fish all sold out. Follow the red scarf park lake there are still people who sell fish fish according to man’s guidance, BYD reporter arrived at the red scarf park to see the center of the park, lake water has been drained, the soil is exposed, the scene was green net around, Lake Center has two car digging machine in construction work. Red scarf park is located in the lake there is a red scarf bridge below, BYD reporters see here, there are five or six men are fishing at the lake water, the basic dry around the fishing with nets in some small ditch search, some people directly hand groping in the mud. The fisherman had a few small fish in the pail, and the net next to it was pulled out of a big hole. According to an old watch fish at the scene, like the fish in the park has continued for five or six days, "when the water was just smoked every day there are two or three ten fish here, just when the water was drained, residues of fish, fish or fish. This morning a lot of people, in the afternoon when the water is almost dry, fish basically gone." The old man said, 10 days ago, the park has not been drained of water when the work of the plum相关的主题文章: