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Part of the army Army downsizing into division? Department of Defense: pure speculation (2) – Sohu military channel page second: report of pure speculation is inconsistent with the facts for the sequence of the army military headquarters, army, division, brigade, regiment, battalion, company, platoon and squad. The army has developed into a strong firepower, many services combined arms attack power and highly maneuvering ability. A series of infantry, artillery, armor, engineering, communications and other professional soldiers, soldiers also has arms, electronic warfare, mapping and air force. Data figure: thirty-ninth army officers launched an assault in the exercise. Specifically: the former Nanjing military region first, 12, 31 army over the eastern army; the fourteenth army of the Chengdu military region and the Guangzhou military region forty-first, 42 army over the southern theater of the Chengdu military region; the Thirteenth Army and the Lanzhou military region twenty-first, 47 army over Western Theater; the former Shenyang military region, 39, sixteenth the 40 army and the twenty-sixth army of the Ji’nan military region over the northern army; the former Ji’nan military region twentieth, 54 army and the Beijing military region twenty-seventh, 38, 65 army over the central army. The State Council Information Office issued in 2013, China’s diversified use of the armed forces, the white paper shows that the army’s mobile warfare units, including 18 army and part of the independent synthetic combat division (brigade), the existing 850 thousand people. The army consists of divisions and brigades belonging to 7 military areas. Shenyang military region under the jurisdiction of sixteenth, 39, 40 army, Beijing military region under the jurisdiction of twenty-seventh, 38, 65 army, the Lanzhou military region under the jurisdiction of the twenty-first, the 47 army, the Ji’nan military region under the jurisdiction of the twentieth, 26, 54 army, Nanjing military region under the jurisdiction of first, 12, 31 army, the Guangzhou military region under the jurisdiction of the forty-first, the 42 army, the Chengdu military region thirteenth, under the jurisdiction of the 14 army. With the advance of PLA military reform, adjust the designation of the eastern theater, the southern theater, theater, theater, North Central and Western Theater, former Shenyang military, Beijing military region, Lanzhou military region, Ji’nan military region, Nanjing military region, Guangzhou military region, Chengdu military corps revoked.相关的主题文章: