Play games to expose yourself Malaysia police warned to catch the elves or cited fear of attack – Ch 海思k3v2

Play games to expose yourself? The police warned the horse catch "elf" or terrorist attack – Beijing, Beijing, August 27, according to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" 27 reported that the popular global intelligent mobile phone game "elf treasure can dream Go" (Pokemon Go) lead to various security concerns after the launch, now Malaysia police warning, extremist organization "the Islamic state (IS) may use this game to steal personal information and location, location and master whenever and wherever possible crowds out terrorist attacks. The Political Department of the Malaysian Police CTU officer Zhafa Li pointed out that if the members of the IS intrusion Go game can dream elf treasure server, the country will face a crisis of terrorist attack. He accepted the "Daily" reported the Malay light interview that most people can only see through the past map specific local appearance and mobile phone positioning, now as long as the elves may dream of treasure Go game, anyone can freely use mobile phone positioning to master the correct position of the game player. He pointed out that once the IS hacker invasion of the game server, they will be aware of specific countries such as Malaysia’s detailed geographic location and other information, thereby breaking the national defense line. He said: "Go can be a great threat to the dream, because it can record every moment of our location. Terrorists will be able to grasp the position of national landmarks or important places, the specific location, buildings, and even a specific character set for fear of attack targets."相关的主题文章: