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Insurance keep 3000 points to understand risk and positive factors: Sina App live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my source: Financial Investment Report – Jade name stocks diving again led to the Asia Pacific market opened Friday, A shares also failed to escape, disc several times below 3000 points, then again tenacious hold the trend, although very careful, but there are some positive factors of concern. The first is the number of shares fell on Monday, more than 5% decline in stocks around 200; Tuesday is less than 10, more than 5% decline in stocks Wednesday in more than and 20, which shows that the jade disk is not like before, slightly will become rational state of extreme nervousness. wind sways grass, a lot of money. Followed by negative factors digestion. The Fed rate hike in the market led to the global warming, in turmoil, A stock market is also difficult to escape. 9 months late fed meeting on interest rates will be held, the interest rate is always a sword hanging in the global capital market, as long as the "Eagle" voice sounded like a badly frightened person, the global market transaction occurs, the market risk has become the main factor. But today, the gold plate fell after the trend turned red, exposure to this factor digestion. The last is the index, the gem nearly turned red, the market rebound in the sparks of fire exposure. Experienced in September 12th after the gapped sell funds have been bearish, part of departure, for the current environment, the market funds to stay but is willing to wait in such a state a, this delicate situation is bound to affect the trend of the festival. Micro-blog on Friday next month to subscribe to the article "A shares will encounter big events (with buy and positions)" mentioned in the 9-10 month, is holiday over, but also many international market changes, the history of this position also appear too large Budie or compensatory growth. And specific to this year, the event was particularly much, especially after the global central bank agreed on the G20, the recent action has begun, the Fed’s voice is directly triggered by the global stock market turmoil. When you come to see, small holiday itself will bring uncertainty, review the history, the previous almost before the holiday market will choose capital flight. So, in this paper I focus on the analysis of the above factors, and summarizes the situation and level of the main funds investors positions; the big event is going to happen in the future and test; and after the test of market opportunities and opportunities for admission etc.. Hot spots, Friday is of concern is the gold sector stocks had dropped more than 3%, after midday strong meteoric rise, rose 2%, the last 2 months of the plate fell more than 25%, and in September 12th the diving plate fell 6%, Friday turned red also shows that the market of bad factors are constantly digestion. The good economic data, a hawkish statement continued warming is expected to raise interest rates, the dollar index continued, caused by the beauty of gold bearing. This week the two global stock market opened, but also from the interest rate factor of U.S. stocks bardo, so this factor can clear as soon as possible on the market recovery is the key. Yu Ming believes that the current position of the shareholders to maintain a good half positions, because once this wave of tests, the index is expected to be similar to that in June相关的主题文章: