Secret Temple No. two on the space atomic clock error 1 – 30 million years Beijing whereisip

Secret Temple No. two on the space atomic clock error – 1: 30 million years Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Shanghai (reporter Wang Linlin) in September 17, the successful launch of Tiangong two, equipped with a variety of sophisticated scientific equipment. Among them, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute developed the "timing God needle" — space atomic clock, is expected to achieve ultra high precision error about 30 million years a second, this will be the first international space atomic clock in orbit and to carry out scientific experiments in space, is currently running the highest accuracy of atomic clock. The development of human society can not be separated from the accurate measurement of time. In the past, the atomic clock running in space is a hot atomic clock, the highest accuracy corresponds to 3 million years error. The temple, by the space atomic clock is equipped with two laser cooling technology into space in the space microgravity environment, further time accuracy increased by 10 times the mean error of the clock running for 30 million years will have a second! So exactly what is the role of the clock? Liu Liang, director of the Shanghai Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of quantum optics, in space, space atomic clock can create ultra high precision time and frequency standard. With this benchmark, you can synchronize the clock in the other atomic clock, so that the global satellite navigation system with a more accurate and stable operation. In addition, the development of cold atom technology will greatly improve the accuracy of many experiments, so that the original impossible experiments possible. For example, deep space navigation. Liu Liang said that if Lagrange we are not influenced by gravity in the solar system in each place a cold atomic clock, the human can realize accurate positioning in the solar system the larger range beyond the near range, research space, large scale, including the general theory of relativity is established in the large scale case etc.. In other words, the space cold atom interferometer can be used to replace the space laser interferometer to realize on orbit gravitational wave detection. Liu Liang introduction, there are a variety of means to detect gravitational waves, the use of laser interferometer detection, the need for three satellites, the space cold atom interferometer requires only two satellites, technical difficulty and cost have been reduced. At the same time, the space cold atomic clock can measure gravitational redshift. According to the general theory of relativity, the concept of time is not uniform, in Mars, the moon and other gravitational fields, time is not the same. "If there is an atomic clock in the sky, and there is an atomic clock on the ground, then a comparison will show how much time is lost." Liu Liang said. In the near future, the development of the space cold atomic clock may be able to make a lot of conjecture in the world of science and technology to get a clear answer.相关的主题文章: