Shandong high-speed traffic police warning 30 at the time of 15 ushered in the first peak travel 纪元1701

Shandong high speed traffic police warning: 30, ushered in the first peak of travel – Qilu Qilu Evening News September 28th Ji’nan (reporter Zhang Tailai Intern Ding Yuxia) National Day approaching, how to implement the free highway policy? Shandong which high-speed road congestion? 28, 2009, according to the experience of previous years, Shandong high-speed traffic police issued an early warning information. 28, Qilu Evening News reporter from the Shandong high-speed traffic police corps learned that in October 1st this year to 7 National Day during the highway continue to implement free policy, the following 7 (including 7) passenger vehicles speed will be charged. Free time starts at 00:00 on October 1st, ending on October 7th 24:00. It can be predicted that free access policy will bring a lot of high-speed traffic. The peak of the city is mainly concentrated in the September 30th to 20 points from the point of view, from 8 to 11 in the year of October 1st, and from 16 to 19, the peak of the city is mainly concentrated in the day of the year in October 6th and from 9 to 12 in the year of October 7th." High speed traffic police corps Meng Qingling said. Through the analysis of previous national high-speed traffic conditions, during the national day, in the long-distance travel mainly to travel by car and passenger traffic will rise substantially to the high-speed road key tourist city of Ji’nan, Qingdao, Tai’an, and the area surrounding the road traffic pressure will significantly increase. May appear during the national day of Shandong province highway blocking point: G20 Yinchuan expressway toll station in Weifang – Tang Interchange Section of K150-K330, the key congestion prone sections for Weifang toll station – Shouguang toll station K150-K180, Zhangqiu Tang Interchange Section K300-K330; G2 Beijing Shanghai high-speed Mengyin K551- Green Camel station K530-K590, key congestion prone sections for mengliang’gu (K578) – Green Camel station K560-K590; G22 high-speed K60-K75 G3 – Mount Huangshan Ya Feng; Beijing high-speed Qihe Gushan K380-K410, Thailand – magnetic fertilizer kiln K470-K500, Zaozhuang Yicheng K620-K650; G2001 Ji’nan high-speed beltway overpass, Huaiyin Yin Jialin overpass near the road.相关的主题文章: