Shandong police arrested stealing and selling personal information of 22 brokers and 7 ghost – in th

Shandong police arrested stealing and selling personal information of 22 brokers and 7 "ghost" – Beijing "day by day" after the accident, many buyers silence data information QQ group "business" down, some even paralyzed. "Every day" is within the circle of the famous "big man", the "circle" hidden but bustling: personal information here, a huge number of distributed transactions, only you can not think, no you can not buy the "telecommunications fraud criminals, many lawyers and private detectives are notorious repute. An important customer of the" circle ". In recent years, new types of crime, such as telecommunications fraud. Traceability, the market is similar to the "circle" is the fundamental source of these new crimes. How to combat from the upstream regulation? In May this year, Shandong Heze police successfully cracked a network of infringement of citizens’ personal information major, a data source and relates to the middleman’s gang uprooted — public security organs were seized by the infringement of citizens’ personal information of more than 200, involving funds totaling more than 500 yuan, and arrested 29 suspects, including 22 middlemen including the well-known middleman "every day", and 7 "ghost" (a data source). The integrity of the underground industry chain 50 kinds of information of the price tag, the most expensive mobile phone location data recently, Shandong prospective college students Xu Yuyu was a sudden death of a fraud case of much media attention. Fraudsters can succeed, it is likely to accurately grasp Xu Yuyu’s personal information. In the Internet era, everyone may face the dilemma of "data streaking". Heze police showed a middleman "price list", including 50 kinds of personal information transaction items, all priced and middlemen who called it "a full set of". Reporters noted that in the price list, such as registration, personal credit, telecommunications bill, bank water and other information is already very cheap "basic", even the family planning, flight information, enterprise credit, company account details and other information can also provide slightly upset. Police handling the case, the current more popular information has a cell phone positioning, personal credit, etc., where the highest price positioning mobile data. Price list shows that China Unicom positioning 270 yuan / times, telecom positioning $450 / times, the most expensive mobile positioning, reaching 580 yuan / times. Mobile phone positioning service can even "day" week "package". On average, the price of two thousand or three thousand yuan a day, including satellite maps and plans, positioning accuracy in the range of tens of meters to hundreds of meters. The sale of personal information industry chain covers a wide range of shocking. In this chain, the middleman plays a key role in the nexus, the mutual exchange of needed products. According to the Heze public security, illegal purchase of personal information quantity and previously known is different, in this case, middlemen can even undertake private customized service — buyers can make accurate demand directly to the middlemen. Intermediary transaction records show that as long as the basic conditions to provide your name, ID number, customers can buy mobile phone credit records, the specific personnel Cong相关的主题文章: