Shandong to raise 1 billion 663 million yuan of special funds to prevent air pollution carmex润唇膏

Shandong to raise 1 billion 663 million yuan of special funds for the prevention of air pollution of the original title: Shandong to raise 1 billion 663 million yuan of special funds for prevention and control of atmospheric pollution in November 5, Xinhua news agency, Ji’nan (reporter Xi Min) 5 reporters from the Shandong Provincial Department of finance was informed that the Shandong provincial fiscal year and atmospheric pollution prevention special fund 1 billion 663 million yuan, centralized financial support in key areas, industries and fields environmental remediation, to accelerate the province’s air quality improvement, help eliminate the people of suffering from heart and lung". According to the Shandong Provincial Department of finance, Shandong province this year, arranged 695 million yuan of funds to focus more to air pollution control tasks are relatively heavy in Ji’nan, Zibo and other 7 cities, by the city for self governance, the key industries of volatile organic pollutants in key industrial enterprises desulphurization and denitration industrial smoke dust control, dust pollution, continue to carry out compensation quality ecological air, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and air pollution control. Thermal power generation is one of the important industries to form air pollution. This year, the Shandong provincial finance allocated 285 million yuan of funds, the 17 power companies to achieve low emission standards and through the performance audit of 28 units (boiler), according to the expected amount of emission reduction factors give awards, energy saving and environmental protection technology improvement and protection to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of small coal-fired power plants, reducing emissions of pollutants. In addition, motor vehicle exhaust emissions are the key areas of air quality. Shandong provincial fiscal year 683 million yuan to raise funds to complete the 247 thousand and 400 yellow car out in advance and the "yellow" green subsidy liquidation work, the full protection of the yellow car out of work running smoothly, to effectively reduce the effect of vehicle exhaust on the atmospheric environment caused by. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: