Shanghai trial air defense warning 1 million 700 thousand people participated in the exercise homefront

Shanghai air raid alert 1 million 700 thousand people participated in the training of staff in Shanghai yesterday, an emergency evacuation drill in escorting the mobility of the residents. Morning news September 17, 2016, is China’s sixteenth national defense education day. At 11:35 yesterday, vice mayor of Shanghai City, the air raid siren commander Jiang Zhuoqing gave the trial instruction, the city more than Taiwan air defense alarm (except Hongqiao, Pudong airport area) at the same time. The air raid siren, in accordance with the early warning, air raid alarm, warning the lifting of the order airing, 11:35, lasted 23 minutes, ended at 11:58. It is reported that this year the city’s 16 districts and counties in the streets of the town of 217 (including industrial park) of the residential area of about a total of about 1 million 700 thousand people to participate in the exercise of the 2526. Yesterday, Yangpu District Road, Dalian, the National Anthem of the green Memorial square organized more than 500 people around the emergency evacuation drills. Reporters saw at the drill site at 11:35, with pre sirens, Pingliang, Jiangpu, Siping Road Armed Forces Department cadres, Juwei cadres, community police, militia reservists and Community Civil Defense volunteers to act quickly, residents ordered to emergency shelters evacuation evacuation. Drill site set up evacuation guide, disaster management, security, medical care, order maintenance, the five groups, set up air defense evacuation route to ensure the safety of evacuation. According to the Defense Department, this year with the air raid siren, except in the district level organization air disaster emergency evacuation drills, the streets, the town, colleges and universities within the region with community practice, military training for students, organize a variety of exercises. Yesterday during the drill, the city has maintained a normal production and living order, public order. Hot news: Pudong three: reconstruction of the village will be built a 3.5 Century Park ecological green typhoon malakas super typhoon level up to the strongest intensity path with uncertainty on the Hong Kong coach is almost a foregone conclusion has been in contact with Scolari Shanghai burlesque embarrassment: cast market reaction microwave LAN GeTian micro-blog choking back users suspected insinuation Liu Xiang Wu Sha derailed weather forecast: Shanghai showers today with windy rainy weather Tuesday to rest相关的主题文章: