Shi Junmei refers repeatedly tangled gold difficult rebound thinkpad s230u

Shi Jun: the United States that repeatedly entangled gold difficult clients view the latest market rebound in the dollar index Thursday in shock bias upward, non US currencies in the euro and the Swiss Franc only two varieties is relatively strong, commodity currencies fell across the board. The U.S. stock market fell sharply, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.07%, closing at 18143.38 points, the NASDAQ [micro-blog] index fell 0.93%, closing at 5269.15 points, the S & P 500 index fell 0.93%, closing at 2151.13 points. Gold finishing low, closing up 0.2% reported $1326 an ounce. U.S. second quarter GDP growth eventually locked at 1.4%, up from the previous revised value of 0.3 percentage points to 1.4%, consistent with market expectations. Strong growth in consumer spending has become the main driving factors, the United States in the second quarter GDP growth, substantial growth in consumer spending, will be on the U.S. long-term inflation trend play a more significant boost, indicates that the interest rate hike is coming. Today morning, the Fed chairman Yellen appeared again speech, referred to the Federal Reserve to deal with the next crisis may use tools. However, Yellen did not mention the negative interest rate policy, it seems that the Fed did not rely on negative interest rates to go through the crisis plan, do not think the United States needs negative interest rates in order to deal with the crisis. In fact, the central bank [micro-blog], the negative interest rate policy of Japan and the European Central Bank is being implemented, and failed to make obvious effect on economic recovery, the negative interest rate policy effect and perhaps less than expected as effective. This week the market trend is still light, even more than the governor’s speech did not have a big impact on currencies, the Fed rate hike in the basic lock in December, the market temporarily turned to the U.S. presidential election, two candidates because of monetary policy in different term, especially Trump has opposed the US monetary easing the results of the election policy, or will the financial markets have a certain risk, which attracted the attention of the market. The days following the UK second quarter GDP, eurozone September consumer price index, the euro area unemployment rate in August, the United States in August, the price index for personal consumption expenditures, Canada in August and the U.S. September GDP data, the University of Michigan consumer confidence index. Operation: gold yesterday dropping, to confirm the validity of the 1317 support. Early morning hours began to rise, so that the gradual formation of gold in the bottom of the chart, but 1324 of the resistance is not broken, the space has not yet opened up the golden day. Wait for the 1324 ASEM breakthrough follow-up long, stop 1320, target 13291337. The Australian dollar Thursday commodity currencies weakened across the board, the Australian dollar also fell below 0.7650 in the late four hour chart support. Daily, after the Australian dollar Chonggao shock interval to test just above resistance, yesterday in the high pressure overcast, is difficult to fall trend, while the four hour chart support below, further open space below, and days to short the main idea. Short term after the callback 0.7650 short, stop 0.7680, target of 0.相关的主题文章: