Sign the truth I fell in love with the death of unmarried Capricorn (Figure) 瀬名アスカ

Sign the truth: I fell in love with the death of unmarried Capricorn (Figure) Capricorn he said that he had a fear of marriage, and I can not get married. Well, we can’t get married, so with love to the old, ha ha, the result, blind speculation I cheat, so go on…… Sina constellation users fear of the unknown love said to the Sina constellation I fell in love with death married you I am 24 years old, 25 years old when he met, he said never met a woman let him want to fall in love, I was the first one, even at the age of 16. His first love is not. He took my hand to tell all my friends, friends are in the sigh, you pick, 9 years, you finally wait until you want people, I wish you happiness, this girl is really very lucky. I believe he is really like me, for me to change the habits of life. Every weekend we sleep in his new home, do nothing, just holding my hand to speak, said his growth, his family, family, friendship. So I understand him, forgive him, forgive him. He is a fool, a fear of marriage, fear of running a marriage, he can not marry me. I struggle, or understand, inclusive. We agreed to work together to fall in love, good work, good life, until one day I was old, I was lonely, I want to get married, we will separate. He said, if I don’t get married, can’t find better than him, he won’t let me go. At that time, I laughed and said, "if I don’t want to get married, he looks at me and says," I’ll always be with you. He said he had as much memory in this house as I did. He told his mother that he love me, so after work to accompany me to date, can not always go home, only to return home, also told his mother, 30 years old don’t give him any person, he just wanted to take this life free to love. If you do not meet me, life is still so dull, but did not expect, there will be love at first sight, never believe in love at first sight, or love at first sight. Just don’t think we spent 4 months in the discussion of the results, he had a sudden flash before the new year’s Eve day, will be denied. The world would have no prophet, people will never know now they do whether the decision is correct, what he is such a person, be careless with my hurt. I am Scorpio, I just like him, I am willing to use my youth to accompany him, leave a good memory. I am not a bad woman, I did not deliberately plan, not so vicious, I just want to, I love him, not what other important I am not bad, I am not what others want to do with gangster with him, and forced him out of guilt and I had to get married. I understand his heart complex, if he wants to leave, do not need to hurt me, I can leave, why should choose this way. Why doubt my personality? If I want to get married, if I want to get married, why do I look for you, so many good men, you are not successful career, do not know love, do not know how to spoil me, why should I.相关的主题文章: