Six categories of funds in the two quarter of the exposure of mechanical equipment most recognized ( darren hayes

Six categories of funding the two quarter holdings exposure most popular mechanical equipment (table) – Comparison of the cumulative decline of the market, QFII, brokerage of financial products appear substantial holdings of securities investment funds, pension funds, securities companies, insurance agencies showed positions flat, cautious wait-and-see attitude on the market most of the third quarter. Machinery and equipment has become the most recognized by institutional investors in the industry, machinery and equipment are securities investment funds, social security funds, securities companies, QFII, insurance agencies and other five types of institutions optimistic about. It is worth noting that, in the six types of institutions with the highest proportion of the top ten stocks, no overlap, showing high differences. The market shares in the second quarter of the situation, most institutions at historically high levels. The social security fund market value of shares since the first quarter of 2015 second, but for the history of five; securities company stock market value was the lowest since the first quarter of 2015; the QFII market value of shares was the fourth highest in history; the brokerage of financial products the market value of shares of second historical high; insurance institutions holding the market value of its third and securities investment; the fund’s stock market value of the net percentage of historically low levels. The Southwest Securities in Shanghai and Shenzhen two listed companies in August 31, 2016 has been basically completed in 2016 semi annual report disclosure, the top ten tradable shareholders change has become the focus of widespread concern in the market. The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3003.92 points on March 31, 2016, closing point in June 30, 2016 was at a point of 2929.61, the cumulative decline of 2.47%. During this period, the market rose to the highest 3097 points, the lowest dropping to 2780 points. To this end, we will be the main institutional investors for securities investment funds, pension funds, securities firms, brokerage of financial products, QFII, insurance agencies and other six categories, and summarized according to the shareholding system statistics, analysis of the various agencies of the investment style and attitude on the market outlook. In the three quarter of the overall performance of the market cautious securities investment fund in the second quarter of 2016 fund investment in the stock market value of 1 trillion and 537 billion 428 million yuan, an increase of 47 billion 457 million yuan more than 1 trillion and 489 billion 971 million yuan in the first quarter of 2016, the rate of increase of 3.25%. From the point of view of the share of the fund, in comparable funds, the total net redemptions 92 billion 544 million copies. Among them, a total of 2 trillion and 567 billion 150 million shares of the fund’s direction, the total net redemption of 117 billion 466 million copies. Net redemption of 7 billion 999 million equity funds, hybrid funds net redemption of 109 billion 467 million copies. It should be noted that the active stock fund net redemption 7 billion 734 million copies of the index fund net redemptions of 265 million copies. Thus, investors have a net redemption of the fund’s share of the total share, which appeared a small amount of net redemptions of equity funds, and hybrid funds have emerged a large number of net redemptions. In addition, the fund’s attitude towards equity investment slightly pessimistic, but slightly cautious about the trend of the market. Share reduction of 2551 funds, including stock and hybrid funds have 1787, accounting for the proportion of 70.05%. Share reduction?相关的主题文章: