SONY two new model exposure or MWC release 2017 – Sohu digital

SONY two new machine exposure or release of MWC 2017 –   digital Sohu; Zhongguancun online news: a new mobile phone to focus on the outbreak of the time will be early next year MWC  2017, time is really fast, like MWC  2016 or yesterday. Now there is good news for the cable powder, SONY two new devices recently exposed, perhaps in the MWC  intends to release new models on the 2017. SONY two new machine exposure (picture taken from mobiltelefon  );   pictures from the exposure of two models models were "G3121" and "G3112", and in addition to the configuration, appearance, location and we didn’t know, perhaps in the next few months there will be new SONY exposure in addition MWC next year in about -3.2 days held in 2.27, is expected to include Samsung, LG, SONY and so many well-known brands will launch a new machine.     MWC as an annual event, will gather around the world famous brand, and they have chosen during this year released the new blockbuster, MWC  the Samsung Galaxy  2016; S7, LG  G5, SONY Xperia  X series and many other star models.相关的主题文章: