SpaceX rocket explosion spread China listed companies overseas mergers and acquisitions increase fai sichen

SpaceX rocket explosion spread China listed companies overseas mergers and acquisitions to increase Sina App financial failure case: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say on the stocks contest points out 60 million SpaceX rocket explosion hit SpaceX China Listed Securities Times reporter Kang Yin "Silicon Valley iron man Musker’s Falcon 9 rocket, in the United States time in September 1st the explosion collapsed. Split the occasion, who also didn’t pay attention, the rocket carrying the satellite, there are unexpected connections with a China company. The Falcon 9 is equipped with satellite, Xinwei group (600485) to Israeli technology company production of SCC Amos-6 satellite acquisition. Xinwei group September 2nd emergency suspension, resumption of trading in September 5th after the announcement of interpretation. "Black swan" is always unexpected, and can not be avoided. Enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions encounter black swan, also let some enterprises to go out of the country’s plans to aspiring. PWC data show that in the first six months of this year, Chinese enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions record innovation, trading volume increased nearly three times to $134 billion. But Wanda shares in the acquisition of the Spanish building stalled; Nixon oil CNOOC’s acquisition of the cause of impairment of assets 10 billion 400 million yuan; ZOOMLION to abandon the acquisition of American machinery giant Terex Corp…… Overseas mergers and acquisitions more and more cases of failure. China Europe International Business School Vice Dean and Dean Ding has pointed out that the general global failure rate of acquisition is 70%, China will add another 10%, that is, the number of 80%. So next, we will see more of the failure cases appear one after another." Can choose to terminate the agreement the United States on September 1st, the explosion carrying the Amos-6 satellite SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket static ignition test, resulting in total loss of $200 million worth of Amos-6 satellite. Just a week ago in August 24th, Xinwei group has announced that intends through its wholly owned subsidiary of Luxemburg Aerospace Communications Company in Israel set up bird project limited company, the acquisition of Israeli satellite company SCC100% shares to $285 million. SCC is one of the world’s leading satellite operators and the only satellite operator in israel. Xinwei group in September 2nd announced an emergency suspension, the evening announcement said, "have the right to choose to terminate the agreement, the two sides can further negotiate" mergers on the price and other terms of the adjustment, also stressed that will not affect its financial situation, the company intends to acquire SCC no essential effect. Xinwei group said, according to the merger agreement, SCC company successfully launched the Amos-6 satellite and completes its orbit test of the merger transaction closing conditions. If the delivery conditions can not be satisfied or waived, Xinwei group has the right to choose to terminate the agreement. Xinwei group and SCC company will jointly influence the Amos-6 satellite loss to the SCC company and the impact of the merger assessment, and negotiation and consultation. Company shares resume trading on September 5th. Overseas mergers and acquisitions failure cases相关的主题文章: