Strong diplomacy in the East Asia Summit ratatouille

The "strong" diplomacy of the East Asia Summit: the "strong" diplomacy of the East Asia Summit in September 8th held the 11 East Asia Summit in laos". And all this, Li Keqiang’s reasoning, rational and a "strong" diplomatic victory. According to sources, before leaving to Laos to attend the summit, Premier Li Keqiang had two times to convene a meeting, carefully deployed to deal with the grim situation of East Asia Summit possible, resolutely safeguard the interests of the state major requirements. He attended a series of meetings of East Asian leaders during the cooperation in Vientiane, to do a series of meetings busy bilateral meetings. Two hours after the plane arrived in Laos, Premier Li Keqiang immediately arranged to meet with China – ASEAN relations coordination Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong. After intensive meeting with Prime Minister Hong Sen of Kampuchea, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Prime Minister of Australia, Prime Minister Turnbull and Russian Prime Minister, Mr. Medvedev, mr.. At the same time, on the sidelines of the meeting, Li Keqiang also seize the opportunity with the Prime Minister of India Modi, Philippines’s president Duthel Te, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and President Obama to shake hands. All of the above intensive diplomacy, are in the communication situation, clarify the proposition, coordinate position. Although some foreign countries have released ahead of "ruthless", will talk about the issue at the summit "". But the final result is: as the South China Sea " " direct claimants to the leaders of Philippines, in the East Asia Summit, from first to last did not mention the "South China Sea" two words, but thanks to the help of Chinese Philippines drug; Nanhai domain leaders also no mention of the so-called "Nanhai arbitration", only two to mention in foreign countries, the so-called "Nanhai arbitration" is "isolated and helpless". Although the United States President Obama spoke at the summit, but prime minister Li Keqiang has a reasonable way to clarify the Chinese side of the ", the South China Sea issue of ", the principled position, the participants received a general response to national leaders. Li Keqiang said: first of all, China is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea, in accordance with the Convention, States parties have the right to choose the first direct dialogue and consultation and peaceful settlement of disputes. This means that China does not accept, do not participate in the so-called South China Sea arbitration, it is in the exercise of international law and the rights conferred by the convention. Secondly, China and ASEAN countries reached the Declaration on the conduct of parties in the South China Sea, effectively safeguarding the peace and stability in the South China Sea over the past 10 years. In accordance with the provisions of the South China Sea disputes should be resolved by the parties directly through negotiations and peaceful settlement". The unilateral arbitration, the introduction of the third party, contrary to the spirit of the declaration, disrupting the order based on the rule of the region, undermined the peace and stability in the region. More importantly, China and ASEAN countries are actively promoting the South China Sea code of conduct consultations, dispute resolution before the settlement of differences, resolve conflicts. The day before the summit, the China ASEAN leaders’ meeting also adopted two papers on maritime cooperation. The day before the Chinese ASEAN summit, Chinese and leaders of 10 ASEAN countries have passed "on the South China Sea for the maritime accident encounter rules joint statement", and "emergency response to maritime diplomacy high.相关的主题文章: