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The birth control pill pregnant baby can not stay? Sohu maternal and child received a message today: Kobayashi said he was pregnant, but before the birth control pills, ah, very tangled in the end do not want to leave the baby? After all, this is a life ah! But in a lot of information, say eat medicine baby afraid of deformity, if this is not as good as earlier surgery lost, so for adults and children of the damage will be smaller." There are many people who have seen this kind of problem, and most of them are not advised to encounter such problems. Many people, including some of the medical staff (it may be in order to avoid responsibility, after all, medical trouble too much) are not aware of: a large number of foreign clinical evidence shows that early pregnancy (the beginning of next few 28 days from the first day of the last menstrual period) unknowingly eat the drug, there may be only two results: emergency contraception can make fetal malformation? A study of the city of Shanghai will be taking emergency contraception drug failed to continue pregnancy, compared with not taking emergency contraceptive pills during pregnancy, the results showed that the two groups the incidence of spontaneous abortion and fetal malformation rate had no significant difference in the incidence of serious complications of pregnancy had no significant difference between the sex ratio of newborn no statistically significant. The study concluded that emergency contraceptive levonorgestrel does not increase the incidence of malformed fetuses, does not significantly increase the occurrence of adverse pregnancy outcomes. This kind of medicine is not a contraceptive success rate 100%, emergency contraception and regular contraceptive effective rate of emergency contraception is a lot of difference, efficiency is only 70% to 85%, while the conventional oral contraceptive efficiency can reach 99%. Therefore, women in the use of emergency contraceptives such drugs, there is still a 20% probability of pregnancy. Wing Lian Mei teacher once said: in the early stages of pregnancy (i.e. before 4 weeks gestation), sperm and eggs just combined, is busy in the uterine pitch camp. This time, the fertilized eggs just carried on the simple cell division, can increase the same cell number, but also did not differentiate into different cells, did not differentiate into tissues and organs, since not differentiated organs, nor the formation of organ malformation, so the birth of people worried about the baby deformity. In addition, the embryo in the process of cell division, there is a self correction function, if the cell division is smooth, the fetus will grow up healthy, if the cell division is not smooth, the baby will be naturally eliminated. Finally: Muzi Lee commune, if you take the pill or pregnant, suggest to stay, do pregnancy check during pregnancy, Down’s screening in pregnant 14-19 weeks, 22-26 weeks pregnant four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound prenatal abnormal row, if it is necessary to analyze the amniotic fluid puncture and umbilical blood of 16-20 weeks, it can clear the baby in the development of intrauterine fetal development. If check out what problems there, go to the termination of pregnancy is not too late, do not easily to a life sentence of death. We are all pregnant and parenting Zhanpai, "the" depth of bleeding during pregnancy: Muzi Li Gongshe joined the public number (MZLGS8866) can learn more!相关的主题文章: