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The Canadian delicacy Festival, so delicious! Sohu and the return of the king, is a lobster season, a "male athlete" lobster temperament monologue: in full in the mouth, take you 76 hours in "fresh" environment. Early autumn in Shanghai, the group produced the general manager Mr. Chen Zhanhua suggested, can use the method of Chinese food is iced fresh lobster in canada. A lobster is the most classic eat lobster claws, dismembered, exposed firm chewy meat. Eat well, eat the crab to Gan, can dip the ration of sauces, some eat crabs vu. A Canadian Lobster is absolutely the long-awaited appearance, beautiful plate showing "beautiful Wan in the gas field. The lobster from the country of "Maple Leaf", produced in the Atlantic coast of Canada pure cold water and deep sea, because of slow growth, a 3 pound lobster, age at least 20 years old. The lobster is boarding from the coast of Canada, and it takes only 76 hours to get to Shanghai’s table. In the lobster season, eat a lobster, the price is only 138 yuan (about 600 pounds per gram), not only some sigh and smile. Everyone in the face of such magnificent colorful lobster assorted cold dishes are love, have used the camera to keep the beautiful moments of delicacy. Unconsciously attracted by food, let the phone before eating". Lobster is always the most popular assorted cold dishes, this appearance has been inviting. The team put lobster meat processing is very good, half cut, has been exposed to white mouthwatering lobster, lobster can see full cream. Of course, the use of a lobster sauce is a special tone similar to the autumn crab sauce, black special ginger sauce, vinegar sauce flavor, and sweet with a little fresh, Chaozhou flavor. Lobster pliers has relative fatness, the chefs have to shell and meat processing is convenient, retains the original ecological fresh and glossy, looks like a stunner, especially easy to eat. The group produced the general manager of the Department, China chef, Mr. Chen Zhanhua, the site layout, arrange the delicacy tasting food festival. Delicacy correspondent white sister interview the general manager of the Department of product characteristics and advantages for Chinese brother, Canada delicacy, of course, more important is to know how to cook delicious. Heat is a Canadian Lobster? Especially warm taste this delicacy is far from deep-sea coral clam, is the first time I have the opportunity to taste. The coral mussel is the internal organ of the Canadian Red sea cucumber, which is named after the appearance of an orange red color. Exceptionally delicious, the current domestic sales and consumption is not large, because the approval is still in progress. The occasional taste of the market is the food festival and the exhibition, brought in samples. Canada frozen coral clam, rising in recent years, the trend of food texture, refreshing, coral clam with rich nutrition, no cholesterol and fat, taste fresh and sweet and crisp. Many people take it for granted that coral mussels must be related to corals. Coral mussels are not mussels, but the sea cucumber intestines, which is commonly known as sea cucumber tendons. Coral mussel is the inner membrane of sea cucumber相关的主题文章: