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The contents of 11 special books (Books) – Sohu 01 maternal Gargoyle night if you look at the cover, not sure how many parents will think this is obviously the dark lines show the child see picture. Another possibility, however, is that most parents will be attracted by the mystery. The unique qualities of picture books is a famous American children’s book writer Yves · with extraordinary imagination; bontine artist David · weisina cooperation work. Master + master, will bring us what kind of dark night trip? 02 strangers farmer home to a stranger, he lost memory, mystery. He can not speak, do not button button, blow out the breath of people shivering, low temperature can not be measured, after the work does not feel tired, but will not sweat…… With the stranger coming, nature appeared abnormal phenomenon: the autumn season, the heat recovery leaves do not turn yellow, pumpkin growing…… These puzzles stack again and again, until the stranger to restore the memory to be solved. This is a poetic suspense story, called the mysterious atmosphere from the American Picture Book Master Kedik, silver medalist Chris · van Olberg. 03 classes of dreams don’t be cover poker-faced, even some rigid atmosphere by miss this story whirling. Ben has a dream. He was preparing for the second day of the geography exam, review of the world’s great landmark building that part, but was swept away by the flood in the dream, made a trip around the world. When the reader and the class a road drifted to the unique perspective, when these places of historic interest and scenic beauty Chris · fan, Olberg paintings details soon revealed some clues in the structure to another story. Which of the following is true and which one is unreal? And the Chris · van Olberg works. Japanese writer Haruki Murakami very highly of the book master. He has more than once said, Chris · fan is a good use of light and shadow magician. The 04 Andersen prize winner in the international book illustration, Swiss painter · Miller works in York. The girl got the gift of a book, the author uses visual illusion art in two-dimensional paper to construct three-dimensional space, take the children into a fantasy realm, and the little girl, the mirror, magnifier and red blue glasses, with curiosity, to explore the mysteries of the book in the world. With the book really comes with a pair of red blue glasses, oh, it can be used to open a three-dimensional world. 05 this is a bird beak a young sparrow beak off between and a homeless man touching friendship, knowing each other Xiangxi story. It will float those displaced marginalized people our attention to children’s literature rarely concern life situation, present life is incomplete and imperfect. Sonny is a famous American writer, and his works pay more attention to his works.相关的主题文章: