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The flight took off in advance China insurance company called early fly not delay Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Why did the plane take off in advance? Recently, the flight took off in advance of machine error after the incident was exposed, caused a lot of media attention, in fact, trip flight delays is more common, however, MS has run a boarding pass, after a security check, found that the plane had already left, in this case, the insurance company to fly flight in advance not delay on the grounds, refused to payment of its. Travel up Miss Huang in February this year with friends travel together, travel plan is to develop their own, first flew to the United States, New York, and then fly to Bahamian archipelago, and then return to New York to return home. The whole trip is relatively complex, in order to prevent accidents, Miss Huang before specially in the Ctrip online purchase insurance "World Tours", the cost is 285 yuan, including insurance, medical rescue delays, travel change project. Miss Huang told reporters, she arrived in the Bahamas on February 24, 2016, before the day at the airport booked Sky Ba-hamas Airlines round-trip ticket and Pink Beach, the next morning at the Nassau airport site to buy the same company the day round-trip ticket hog island. Go to the pig Island trip is still smooth, did not expect to return to encounter trouble. Because this is the company’s last day of the plane, while other companies are also full of aircraft, resulting in the day they can not return to Nassau. Then they change the next airline for the first flight ticket back to Nassau. But delayed the cost of a night, but also led to their delay before the Pink Beach on the eve of the flight, the entire trip affected. And because it is wrong, air tickets can not refund. Insurance exclusions: flight is delayed because of early flying journey ahead of aircraft fly away, cause the entire travel plans affected, after returning to Miss Huang began to put forward to the insurance company claims, however, refused to pay each other. Miss Huang told reporters, according to the provisions of "international travel" Meiya travel insurance, flight delays highest pay 1800 yuan, the highest 15000 yuan for change journey. According to her experience, the plane flew ahead directly affect her journey, and the extra expenses of airline ticket and hotel and other expenses, and to put forward the claim Meiya travel delay. The Maya in a variety of excuses to delay or refuse to pay. "I am in the American company claims, has provided the aircraft flew ahead of airlines issued documents, but the company insists the reason Meiya asked me to provide aircraft fly in advance." Miss Huang told reporters that the aircraft was flying away in the early days of the document is that she was at the airport after the event is not easy to negotiate, to prove the fact that the plane did fly ahead of time. Why should she provide aircraft early results we fly away. "This is not difficult? The burden of proof should not be on me." Ms. Huang said, the company also in terms of the contract we refused payment, saying the flight is not delayed early flying journey, therefore cannot claim. On相关的主题文章: