The high value of small Yan testing by app Piancaipianse female students cheated in Beijing minmi

The high value of small Yan "testing" by APP Piancaipianse – Beijing female students cheated in Northeast China News Network September 30th recent television series "old nine door" popular network, the spots "explore" social APP ads into young men and women members have the vision, eye margin can chat directly. Daqing public Ms. Lee on the exploration of the understanding of the young man Zhang, two people talk about Huan Huan, soon about the hotel. Ms. Lee thought love came, but did not think Zhang stole her iPhone6s phone. September 22nd, Zhang was arrested on suspicion of fraud Saertu District Procuratorate approved the arrest. Female college students in the "true love" Ms. Lee graduated from university this year, as a lecturer in Daqing a training institution, her friends in pairs, she began to feel extremely lonely. Early into the community, social scope is small, the unit is more than women and men, Ms. Lee began looking for the other half of the social network, Zhang is in the exploration of APP on the understanding. Just after 2 or 3 days of conversation, Ms. Lee felt Zhang Shuai, but also very suitable for their own, to meet. That night, the two people in a hotel in Saertu district. Since then, Zhang Lee Lee quickly show the utmost solicitude, "". Soon, the two met again in the hotel, I did not expect this Zhang was severely hurt her heart. Gao Yan boyfriend was actually a liar two people to meet again after the relationship, Zhang picked up Ms. Lee’s cell phone said to download a software, you need the phone’s ID password, Ms. Lee will tell the password zhang. Subsequently, Zhang said his mobile phone has no electricity, want to take Lee’s mobile phone out of the hotel to meet a friend, consent, Zhang took over mobile phone. Lee waited for nearly 2 hours, the use of the hotel phone call to find their phone turned off, it was found something wrong. At this time, Zhang has returned to the street near the rental house, and about the sale of second-hand mobile phone friends in a. To see a mobile phone charger and no invoice, suspected of dishonesty, Zhang claimed the gift to his girlfriend, no packaging. See Zhang know ID account and password, no longer want to be in a certain way, with a mobile phone to Zhang 4000 yuan after the phone away. Catch pull "the case" Ms. Lee after the report, the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade five iron man Sun Deqiang led the police arrived, the retrieval of surveillance video and found the whereabouts of zhang. In order to prevent Zhang escape, Captain sun in the district entrance and cafes, grocery stores are arranged around the police. After 2 days of observation visits, that the specific number, while it eventually caught napping. Zhang explained, first met with Lee and moved the idea of mobile phone. "I want to restore the factory settings, so only to the password, so easy to cause doubt. See Zhang in a trance, the police conducted a urine test for the positive results. Zhang said that all the money to sell mobile phones for the purchase of drugs. While the police ready to take back to Zhang branch of further investigation, his friend pushed the door and saw the police turned and ran, was stopped by police. Someone look panic, not with the police. After a urine test, the)相关的主题文章: