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The Minister of the ministerial level after leaving the minister made a special trip to Wuzhen – Sohu news Yang Chuantang Internet gangster these days gathered in Wuzhen, because the annual World Internet conference. Political knowledge (ID:upolitics) is also on the scene, in addition to the Internet gangster, Wuzhen also gathered a lot of officials. For example, the 17 day, there are at least 4 ministerial level and above officials — the Supreme People’s court president Zhou Qiang, the national health and Family Planning Commission Li Bin, director of the state Internet Information Office Xu Lin, Party Secretary of the Ministry of transportation Yang Chuantang. Baidu Inc founder Robin Li, with one of the officials to talk specifically to. Who is the official who is the world’s first nationwide network of car regulations? The answer may not be hard to guess, Yang Chuantang. At half past one on the afternoon of November 17th, Zheng know (ID:upolitics) sponsored by the Ministry of transportation "Internet plus travel" forum to advance. This Internet Conference has more than one called "hot forum", in view of the morning a number of forums, because many people are closed early on "disappear", Zheng Jun has known in advance for an hour, but that arrived at the venue, there are some reporters waiting, visible Yang Chuan hall appearance attraction. After the start of the forum, Yang Chuantang as the host. The two consecutive years, the national "two sessions" was asked by reporters about the former Minister of the Ministry of communications about the car, in the introduction of the progress of China’s intelligent transportation, especially mentioned in July this year, the introduction of the network about the new car program. He said that China has developed the world’s first regulations on the management of the country’s internal network about car service, providing Chinese experience for the global network of car governance and development. From the March 2015 "for safety never cars into the car" March 2016 "network about the car I sat for a legitimate way" this year as the leaders of the Ministry of transportation Yang Chuantang, always being asked reporters "network about cars", until July this year, the introduction of new network about cars. In the world Internet Conference on the Internet as the theme of the world assembly, Yang Chuantang took the initiative to talk about the network about the car". He said, "Internet plus travel" is a new thing, to create a good environment for development policy, the establishment of "fault tolerant, fast correction mechanism, actively carry out the policy reserve. At the same time give full play to the role of government, international organizations, industry associations, enterprises, research institutions, industry alliances, citizens, such as the role of different subjects to explore win-win cooperation model. For the first time to participate in the general assembly and Robin Li chat unmanned vehicles in fact, the day after the body has been in Wuzhen, Yang Chuantang. November 16th afternoon, the third session of the world Internet Conference held a plenary meeting, Yang Chuantang had appeared in the venue. He said in an interview with the surging news reporter, this is his first time to participate in the world Internet conference. The reason why a special trip to the participants, but also because the Internet and traffic travel more and more inseparable. In the end Mr "Internet plus travel" forum, Yang Chuantang has been sitting in the audience to listen carefully, and did not leave until the coffee break, reporters have opportunities to "block". These two years, the two sessions, Yang Chuantang no less by reporters.相关的主题文章: