The perfect battle of Kyushu Sky City achievement hurricane force

The perfect battle of Kyushu Sky City achievement [lead]: hurricane force winds, white Poria, Tianyi Tingjun sadomasochistic enough fun? Want to pursue more secrets behind the story? Kyushu Sky City, the same name page tour to create achievements play, take you to experience the perfect battle! Penguin pictures and film media CO produced the first fantasy drama series Kyushu Kyushu "sky city", the Tencent exclusive video log hit; Seventh Avenue DEDECATES namesake boutique Webpage Game, led the fantasy adventure game player experience. Curious and changeful plot, piercing sadomasochistic drama was struck a chord game player… The same page tour to create achievements play, take you to experience the perfect battle kyushu! Video Tencent, the whole network exclusive hit! Kyushu · Sky City: [name of boutique Webpage Game create achievements play] if you feel the wind, white Poria, Tianyi Tingjun between sadomasochistic enough fun; if you want to pursue the story more secrets, "nine sky" namesake boutique Webpage Game create "achievements play", all the plot and gameplay Paodingjieniu, then each "achievement" series, let the game player reached through clues at the same time, can experience a different story, but also feel the blood battle! [collected original gospel shadow tour achievement system] "nine linkage sky" the namesake boutique Webpage Game achievement system is very special, because it is designed according to the TV drama and game play together to set the hybridity achievement unlocked condition, so each game player can reach any achievement, with a TV episode which correspond with each other. To enhance the sense of the game into. The creation of this kind of shadow tour linkage gameplay, is the achievement of the party players super gospel! Player growth chart achievements all over the play] in fact, the players in the game of fighting, athletics, PK, etc. are likely to be slowly to complete a certain achievement. "Nine sky" namesake boutique Webpage Game "achievements" is divided into three major projects: "personal growth" and "gallant" cultivation "daily activities, and every item, there are many items, such as" personal growth "in the main emphasis on equipment, fashion, artifact training… The ultimate title, the achievements of the people to enjoy the massive resources to complete every achievement, not only to promote the progress of the total achievements, but also to get unexpected massive resources. Each game player to reach a small achievement, will gain experience and money, for that, Peiyuan Dan, Dan, make breakthrough, sworn kylin soul and other rare props. If the completion of a three, but will get a "nine sky" name Webpage Game ultimate title "achievement Master" attack and attack +9999! In fact, the success of the system is a player in the game to grow a map, it is not only to lead the players to experience different gameplay, but also to set up small goals and rewards players… "Nine sky" boutique "name Webpage Game achievement play, everywhere there are surprises, the ultimate Title domineering radiance, take you to experience the perfect battle! Key words: Kyushu, Kyushu Sky City, Oriental fantasy:相关的主题文章: