The sparrow Zhang Ruoyun provoked pity fans support Shanhaiguan (video) written request 9c8947

"The sparrow" Zhang Ruoyun provoked pity fans for support _23 > handwritten Shanhaiguan sparrow; > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch since "the sparrow" Tencent entertainment news revolution Spy Drama "sparrow" launched by the ups and downs of the story got praise from the audience ratings, way up. Now as the story progresses, Zhang Ruoyun’s tragic encounter Tangshan sea became a highlight of the show, in his secret identity exposed soon, and feelings are not a loved one’s response. Such a deep emotional entanglements and national love of Tang Shanhai Zhang Ruoyun is just perfect, superb acting and even too deep into the drama fans handwritten application manual AIT "sparrow" crew requires support of the Tangshan sea. "The sparrow" Zhang Ruoyun IQ no line by performing courage and Yan values capture the audience’s heart since his debut, Zhang Ruoyun with high demands on their time and advanced acting successfully created a vivid three-dimensional image of the screen, the "Snow Leopard" he is young Zhou Weiguo "," Wu Xin the monster killer he is infatuated adjutant Zhang Xianzong. The "sparrow" and he gave us an IQ of courage no line agents of the Tangshan sea, the future with good acting in the play also has a very good performance, is the Tangshan sea every act and every move should be, perfect performance with the high value of minutes to capture the audience’s heart. A lot of people, the original party also shouting in unison, Zhang Ruoyun put forward their hearts live in Tangshan sea. Tangshan sea crisis audience very distressed fans handwritten petition to support with the further development of the story, Yin Zheng plays the extremely cruel and merciless Wang puppet agent captain Su three, officially launched, as a villain in the play, he instantly put Zhang Ruoyun as Tangshan sea to expose the identity of the edge of life, and on the verge of death or destruction. In the emotional aspects have not been beloved Xu Bicheng’s response. Zhang Ruoyun in misery play let fans see the first love, even the handwritten applications apply to the organization and the Tangshan sea to form a new couple to complete the task of love fly. From this it can be seen that the audience’s recognition of Zhang Ruoyun’s acting.相关的主题文章: