The vanishing eighteen ladder, recorded a mountain of old Chongqing iprinting Sohu Tourism 9c8921

The vanishing eighteen ladder, mountain records imprint of old Chongqing – Sohu eighteen tourism ladder, was once a street of Chongqing of the Yuzhong Peninsula, a symbol of the real old town in Chongqing. In 2015, eighteen ladder area began demolition, now the eighteen ladder, everywhere is in ruins, on both sides of the ladder is the mountain city of Chongqing’s old residential building, with Chongqing as saying that the people who live here is called the terrace house. Eighteen ladder panoramic view of the Yuzhong Peninsula, Chongqing, there are two pedestrian street, a famous Western China’s first street, "Monument for Liberation", the other is not far from Monument for Liberation, called "the eighteen ladder". In Monument for Liberation, a bustling modern city; and in the eighteen ladder, the taste is really old mountain, Chongqing. The old city of Chongqing is divided into the upper half of the city and the second half of the city, eighteen staircase is located in Yuzhong District jiaochangkou, is half from the city (the peak) to the second half of the city (the foot) of an old street. The old streets are paved by stone, steep, curved, connect the top of the downtown area and mountain river city. The old street living around the thousands of ordinary people on the street, exudes a thick atmosphere of the marketplace. The ear, Pedicure, carpentry, tailoring, sell, sell Clay oven rolls sewing, playing mahjong, and mountain indispensable bangbangjun, spread everywhere, more dogs and cats, free to lie on the ground snoozing. Eighteen ladder is a true portrayal of the old Chongqing people’s lives. Eighteen ladder origin, probably in the Ming Dynasty, there are wells, nearby residents eat all the water in the well, the well from residential accommodation just eighteen step stone staircase, so people called it "the eighteen ladder". Walk in them, to find that the ladder on the walls on both sides are written on "down, after the eighteen ladder will disappear forever in the sight of the old town, taste will gradually be lost in the city in the process of modernization. July 28, 2010, the Chongqing government officially launched the eighteen ladder demolition project. By March 2015, more than 95% of the residents had signed a compensation agreement. In June 2015, the original eighteen staircase more than 7 thousand and 700 households have moved away, leaving only scattered more than and 100 households did not reach an agreement. Some people don’t want to go. On the last day of the eighteen ladder, the tenants who did not move were still living the same life as usual. On the Internet to see [Chongqing eighteen ladder planning and design] video, very modern, you can see as the United States of New York? Shanghai in China? Or Tokyo in Japan? But it’s definitely not the eighteen ladder! Don’t know the final design of the set is that one kind of hope is the city of Chongqing after the transformation of the original eighteen ladder! [Chongqing] eighteen ladder design above is this description: Video: production time: July 2012 Customer Name: American LXD Architectural Design Institute Chongqing things production experience: Eighteen ladder design as a typical complex city planning, the whole scene is quite unique, it is easy to form processing style, which virtually gave the film ideas put forward higher requirements. In the early days of creativity, browse a large number of Vimeo and other countries I相关的主题文章: