Through courier officially landing the NYSE founder net worth approaching 28 billion t420s

Through courier officially landing the NYSE founder net worth approaching 28 billion U.S. local time 9:30 on October 27th, through courier will officially visit the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE NYSE), stock code "ZTO", the issue price of $19.5 per share. Total intends to raise $1 billion 450 million (about 9 billion 829 million yuan). This is a price, more than the price of the previous roadshow roadshow price ceiling. According to surging news () to understand, in the initial roadshow express price of $16.5 to $18.5. From the amount of fund-raising point of view, the domestic express courier companies listed on the highest record of private fund-raising. According to the previous restructuring announcement, SF holdings, Yuantong express, STO intends to raise the total amount of matching funds are not more than 8 billion yuan, 2 billion 300 million yuan, 4 billion 800 million yuan. Insiders pointed out that, through express is the largest since 2014 Alibaba in the United States since the listing of the IPO (initial public offering), is also expected to become the largest U.S. IPO. From the issue price of more than the price of the previous roadshow price line, the market prospects for express delivery. Earlier, Changjiang Securities Research Report said that if you consider the high growth performance of express delivery, optimistic, given 40 times the valuation of the U.S. stock market, the corresponding market capitalization of $98 billion. At the same time, the founder of China express, chairman Lai Meisong also rose. According to the prospectus, Lai Meisong is the largest shareholder of China express, holds about 211 million shares, accounting for the proportion of shareholding of 32.6%. Only by express delivery price calculation, the market value of shares held by the company has reached 4 billion 115 million U.S. dollars (about 27 billion 900 million yuan). Lai Meisong in the internal mail to employees, said the listing has never been the ultimate goal of express delivery, the goal is to become a world-class integrated logistics service providers. Lai Meisong said on October 27th, choose the United States market, through cognitive brand will be more potential international clients and partners, but also to take this opportunity to demonstrate China characteristics express development mode, let the world know China express and Chinese market. Local time on October 27th, through courier big propaganda banners on the NYSE Front Gate most prominent position. Surging news reporter Tang Yingying figure express was founded in 2002, headquartered in Shanghai, china. In recent years, the amount of its business and profitability, Qualcomm Express has been among the forefront of China’s first courier industry legion. Through express delivery prospectus disclosure, from 2011 to 2015, the volume of its express parcels increased from 279 million to 2 billion 946 million, an increase of the volume of parcels of 4 year on year growth of 955.91%. It is worth noting that, in 2015, the annual volume of business of STO for 2 billion 570 million, the annual volume of business Yuantong express 3 billion 30 million, rhyme freight annual business volume of 2 billion 170 million, SF EXPRESS annual business volume 1 billion 700 million. At present, the volume of business through courier and Yuantong Express has been very close to. In addition, from 2011 to 2015, the annual average annual growth rate of 80.3%. As of 2015, China express delivery market share was 14.3%. Business income;相关的主题文章: