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Trump once said Chinese leaders smarter Australian media: he speaks of the original title: Australian media: Trump’s trade war object is "old China" "the Australian Financial Review newspaper" website on November 13th article, the original title: who won the trade war? The United States is not as often in the Chinese election activities will be called a work stealing US liar, Trump’s victory almost certainly means that Washington would be tougher on China in trade, the renminbi and other controversial economic affairs route. Even so, China’s policymakers are likely to welcome President Trump. Because the nationalist sentiment he inspires will serve the interests of China, not the United states. This is because Trump has been attacked by the unfair use of cheap labor and "theft" work, "China" is no longer exists. Today, China is not interested in sewing jeans and assembling Apple phones on the production line, but is intended to build a national leader, and even compete with u.s.. Chinese leaders want American consumers to buy Chinese smart phones with pre installed operating system. Some international companies claim that the Chinese government has not welcomed them and the country’s business environment has become more hostile, and Trump’s policy will give China an excuse to strengthen such tactics. The Chinese market is becoming more and more important to the United States from Starbucks to boeing. If China is to close the door to its increasingly affluent consumers and its rapidly growing market, it will lead to a decline in U.S. revenues and profits and reduce the number of jobs they can create. In addition, Trump’s anti trade sentiment will also enable China to expand its economic and political influence in Asia in the interests of the United states. Under President Trump, the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" is likely to die, and the agreement will enable the United States to have the opportunity to consolidate the presence in the region and to promote Chinese by American design trade standard. Therefore, it will clear the way for China to implement its Pan Asian trade agreement. The problem with Mr Trump’s strategy is that he is fighting a war of yesterday’s industry and jobs and helping China to pursue tomorrow’s jobs and jobs. His approach does not make Chinese into submission, but will boost the Chinese competition and American companies in the business world of the future. Trump once said that Chinese leaders are smarter than American leaders. From this point of view, he is right. (Michael & Schuhmann, translated by) editor in chief:, SN222相关的主题文章: