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Trump in the White House, Silicon Valley ushered in the variable – Sohu technology today for a whole morning, a small probe is submerged in the vast amounts of information — Trump win, great God, Duan Zi hand, analysis of various prophets have appeared, light know a "for the evaluation of Trump was elected the forty-fifth president of the United States President". There are about three thousand of the number of answer. But despite these or express personal emotions or from the macro level democracy demonstration answer, science and technology industry of the United States of Trump was elected president, or more specifically — Silicon Valley, what is the effect, must also have a lot of attention. The following is from the United States authoritative science and technology media Tech Crunch. Summary: the short-term impact is negative. Because California’s Silicon Valley is the traditional Democratic Party positions, do not you see, the famous Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel for public support Trump, sprayed find north, even when not gay ""…… Because the overall attitude of Trump is to revive the U.S. manufacturing industries, including high-tech manufacturing industry; but he and the risk of investment and R & D industry can not together. Let’s take a look at the following. 1 international trade Marshall School of the University of Southern California assistant professor Gregory Autry said: "Silicon Valley’s development depends on international cooperation, but Trump election brought trouble to the business model. His economic policies focus on punishing Chinese trade dumping and the real manufacturing back to the US, "and that" if Trump really as he claimed, applied high tariffs on goods from Chinese (which is basically back to more than and 20 years ago, the economic policy) to any dependence on the global supply chain the company is not a good thing. Note: all American companies are included." Autry concluded: "these companies must feel terrible." 2 in addition to the immigration issue technology products because of tariff problems will be more expensive (which forced the company in the United States the production of products, prices are also high), Trump president will exert great influence on immigration. Silicon Valley has been unremitting efforts to increase H1B project work visas, and asked the government to give more support such talents from overseas will stay in America get a green card, but also to meet the high standard of the industry of science and technology talents. But Trump said he is actually refusing to the project. But paradoxically, after Republicans proposed expansion of tens of thousands of H1B places, Democrats said: I have support, but we must also fix identity problem of illegal immigrants hundreds of millions, and then talk about the collapse…… Silicon Valley believes that H1B project is a specific mapping free goddess symbol of American spirit, who took H1B who are highly educated, with top point ability, but not noisy to come to the United States to be free to the welfare of the people. So then they need to pay close attention to the relevant issues of the work of immigrants, otherwise there may be no way to find enough qualified personnel. 3 renewable energy technology industry is not the only anxiety group, the United States emerging renewable energy.相关的主题文章: