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TTA special planning | Chen Anning: Chery to do the positive research for what _ 20 car _ (ginseng, tiger pictures, inquiry) scene 7 launch, Chen Anning started slightly, with a few friends after a brief greeting, Chen Anning will sit down alone, left hand off the glasses and press the right eye constantly Ning points, even if activities have been started, he has kept his hands in front of the mouth. Familiar with Chery knows that in the first half time recently, Chen Anning has a Chery automobile company executive vice general manager, chairman of Chery, Jaguar Land Rover qoros chairman and CEO and Chery Automotive Engineering Research Institute of the five positions, the body burden and pressure as can be imagined. But when you hear from the dealer price for Tiggo 7 applause, Chen Anning’s face was a smile. As Chery’s first SUV 2 times, Chery is spending huge sums to build T1X platform for the first models, Tiggo 7 will undoubtedly be a milestone in the history of the development of Chery (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) monument, so it is not difficult to understand, even like Chen Anning has a wealth of experience. The car body, is showing a trace of tension and excitement. In this 1.5 hours, Chery spent 1/3 of the time in terms of positive development, and for these four words, Chen Anning’s interpretation is very simple, if not, it is not always on the independent international table, because you do not talk with others in the same level of words. From 1 to 2 in September 20th of this year is a special day, three independent car enterprises and held in the day’s blockbuster new conference, as Chery 2 system first two strategic products, is also the first SUV model, Tiggo 7 is important for Chery is self-evident. In Chen Anning’s view, from the beginning of this car will be Tiggo 7, Chery entered the positive development of the harvest period, 97 thousand and 900 -15.89 million price and value standard of the new Chery in his mind perfectly, "low price than the joint venture, but the quality and content is not lost to the joint venture." To reach this standard, from independent brands in the cost advantage, Chen Anning even said, when Chery took this wave of new products are out and gradually formed the scale effect, a single model can also lower cost. Compared to the 1 times, in addition to the average price increase of nearly 50% bikes outside of Chery, the biggest change is to the collaborative international team, by the Chery technology center in Shanghai (CTCS), the headquarters of Chery Research Institute, qoros, Jaguar Land Rover formed the "Chery" team, Chery will build 2 times the core R & D system. Among them, Chery will be achieved with the concept of technology sharing platform and the development process of communication, while Chery and Chery Jaguar Land Rover will be achieved in the process of interaction between the system and personnel support". According to Chen Anning, Chery, and Chery qoros Jaguar Land Rover’s R & D personnel can achieve interoperability of products, processes, personnel, information on any system. If you want more research and development personnel, then we can put the other two brands of R & D resources to the concept of transfer." Although the tiger 7.相关的主题文章: