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U.S. media: the United States is hoarding killer robot to maintain our military superiority China according to the "New York Times" website reported on October 27th, in addition to the U.S. Defense circle, almost no one noticed, The Pentagon has put artificial intelligence at the heart of American military power to maintain the dominant global position strategy. It is spending billions of dollars to develop so-called automated and semi automated weapons, the creation of arsenals, and so far only exist in Hollywood movies and science fiction weapons. This summer, with a small six rotor UAV drone turned over a copy of the Middle East Village with the camera search target, no remote manipulation of the unmanned aircraft, but it is fitted with an artificial intelligence software advanced "robot", to find and identify the village throughout the handheld AK-47 simulation charge the gun, disguised as rebels who. Reported that the UAV demonstrated its superior detection capabilities, but also the change of the military rehearsal terrible behavior plan of The Pentagon. The United States Department of defense is the design of automatic control fighter can go to war with manned aircraft, it has been tested to determine the target missile, but also the construction can not depend on any human search for enemy submarines in the range of thousands of miles and track their ships. U.S. defense officials said the United States needs these weapons to maintain its military superiority over China, Russia and other rivals, because these countries are also spending a lot of money to carry out similar research. Reported that, as the industrial revolution brought the aircraft and tanks and other powerful and destructive machines and the weakening of the individual soldiers in combat roles, artificial intelligence technology allowed The Pentagon to re adjust the man and machine on the battlefield as it has been in the position, through the computer and automatic driving the car to change the daily life. These new weapons have unmatched speed and accuracy, while reducing the number of soldiers and pilots and their costs. "In The Pentagon’s imagination, these weapons will not like the movie" terminator ", and more like a superhero comic" Iron Man "," has been promoting the development of automatic weapons, Deputy Defense Minister Robert · O· Walker said: "there are many outside killer robots and Skynet (" terminator "in the mass of artificial intelligence network) concerns, we think not at all." He said, in a life-and-death matter decision, "will be decided by man". Beyond The Pentagon, however, there is doubt that such restrictions will exist once the technology to create a weapon of thought is perfect. Last year, hundreds of scientists and experts have issued an open letter warning, R & D even the most stupid smart weapons may also trigger a global arms race, the result will be to take a human life, fully autonomous robots, they are cheap, how easy it is to get all the powers to get, how can get easily by violent extremists. Reported that the automation and weapons with increasingly sophisticated, still legal scholars and ethicists caused increasingly fierce debate: we can safely give the machine a deadly force? If a robot is attacked?相关的主题文章: