Vancouver middle school renovation of the destruction of the first overseas Chinese Cemetery Chinese 月丘うさぎ

Vancouver middle school reconstruction might disrupt the Chinese community first overseas Chinese Cemetery protest (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, 29 August, according to Canada, "Sing Tao Daily reported, Vancouver two BC (New Westminster Secondary School port middle school) reconstruction may destroy underground buried Chinese Cemetery, Canadian and Aboriginal truth and the Settlement Association (referred to as plus and) main worry is that the lot is not classified as permanent protection cemetery, is expected next year to start reconstruction projects, the sites are all gone. More than one hundred different ethnic groups to imitate the dead tombstone and paper cards, local time, 27, appeared in the middle of the two port. (Canada "Sing Tao Daily) two port high school was built in 1949, the city government in order to increase the students, began to plan the expansion project from 2007, hope the school can accommodate 1900 students after reconstruction. And the executive director Zhu Weiguang Zhu Weiguang said that the two port has the largest Chinese Cemetery in British Columbia, many Chinese laborers were buried here. But in fact, the Chinese and Japanese cemetery burial and other ethnic minorities, indigenous people, and lower social character of psychiatric patients. He said, half a century ago, the two port city has built the municipal building site, and along the Eighth Street cemetery with two port campus, school construction only in middle school. The two port Education Bureau Zhu Weiguang practice lack of transparency under two port authorities in the Chinese Cemetery, refers to the lack of transparency. He said in an e-mail to some of China’s leaders, said: Two Port Bureau of education in the expansion of the two port on the issue did not maintain an open attitude to the public". He also refers to the two port Education Bureau did not consult was in charge of processing Chinese the remains of the Vancouver Chinese Association and other organizations, but the "secret" to the provincial government made different applications. And in the 27 local time in two port Eighth Street (8th St) (8th Ave) with eighth road rallies where the lawn high school to protest over a hundred pieces of paper and then rebuild the cemetery tombstone simulation scene. Zhu Weiguang proposed to the provincial reconstruction otherwise seek school, the old school where the whole area cleared for the cemetery site. Two port campus inspectors told reporters that the ground detection results released this fall, it will not build schools in the known cemetery. ". Zhu Weiguang pointed out in the speech, provincial reconstruction of two local high school plans, the alleged Chinese Cemetery location and adjacent white cemetery package, to mislead the public. The campus has to admit, but the authorities have not been serious aftermath, once built buildings, white cemetery site has been retained, but the Chinese Cemetery ruins may be shoveled away. 27 morning, more than a hundred different ethnic groups to imitate the dead tombstone and paper cards, there are two port next to the high school, Theatre theater (Massey) on the lawn, attracted passers-by onlookers. Maschen tribal representatives (Cecilia Point) after the speech, the scene around the simulation of a tombstone week, while walking to sing Aboriginal funeral song, in order to mourn. "Their dignity can never be trampled again" and refer to the two port campus in 2008 made the exploration report pointed out that the Chinese first buried overseas cemetery located at Eighth Street, eighth road corner clip,"相关的主题文章: