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VR industry Rainbow Night: equipment sales Huobian global project valuation generally shrinking – Sohu technology each reporter Meng Qingjian "South America a WAL-MART just to a Shenzhen company under the 3 million VR glasses orders." Recently, Shenzhen, Baoan, a production of VR glasses OEM general manager told the daily economic news reporter, Shenzhen VR equipment shipped at least 5 million units a month, the company has a single monthly export of 200 thousand units. With the China largest electronic products distribution center in Shenzhen Huaqiang North shipping channel enthusiasm contrast, VR investment in the industry seems to have entered a trough. Statistics show that 6~8 months only four or five domestic VR companies successful financing, while a quarter of 18 VR companies for investment, the low tide people thinking, VR is not an excessive demonized concept, so many media started mouthing? However, in the game, using VR and AR technology has been highly anticipated, new experience will bring about a revolution in the gaming industry, which has become the industry consensus, the recent popular "Pokemon" game that is a case in point. Data from IDC, a research firm, continues to be bullish on VR, which predicts that the global VR market will grow from $5 billion 200 million in 2016 to $162 billion in 2020. It seems that this is a good prospect of the market, but the attitude of the capital of VR why such a big change? VR equipment sales in Huaqiang North Huaqiang North economic building, crowded with only a few square metres of VR equipment shop. Reporters visited the learned, there are stalls during the peak period of VR mobile phone box retail sales of up to 1000 units, while the distribution channels to the number of days to reach 10 thousand units, these devices are mainly Shenzhen brand, origin distribution in Shenzhen Baoan, Longgang and other places. In these stalls, the majority of businesses selling mobile VR devices, the structure of a plastic separator with a pair of lenses, the phone can be directly inserted into the box. Price, the lowest price of about 20 yuan. There is also a small amount of VR machine, such as ants as or testing, each cost about hundreds of yuan. After the outbreak of the Shenzhen VR market, many tablet computer, OEM feature phone manufacturers transition production VR glasses, in addition to the storm, Dapeng, ants as reputation gradually from the VR equipment manufacturers OEM, is more grass-roots brand. Relying on the Shenzhen supply chain and production capacity, mature distribution, export sales channels, Huaqiang North is already the world’s largest shipments of VR market, the crowds of VR shops, there have been foreign traders asking price. The general manager of the Shenzhen Baoan a production of VR glasses OEM company told the "daily economic news" reporter, VR terminal in the first half of this year shipments continued to rise, the maximum monthly shipments of Shenzhen OEM factory to achieve more than 500 thousand, medium shipments in the 200 thousand ~30 million units. "Not only is mainly domestic Huaqiang North channel distribution, there are a lot of orders from overseas markets. A WAL-MART in South America has just produced 30 of a OEM company in Shenzhen"相关的主题文章: