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We all want to become their childhood "moon splash galaxy, long road, air remnant as independent film, Lanshan, who called me extraordinary skill……" "We will be a song" Wukong brought back memories of childhood. A 2015 called Chinese animation as the conscience of the king "journey of return", lit the number of generations of nostalgia. The IP is not hot up in 80s and 90s the last century, children’s stories, may not have any door machine cat, but the brush strokes can come true magic brush, a gold hoop make forehead of Monkey King, a justice and bad guy fight black police protection for long, Grandpa unity fearless gourd brothers, Gan for justice throwing the body of Na Zha, a clever Affandi riding a donkey…… This batch of fresh Chinese animated characters, propped up the whole childhood after 80. If you have a bed in the house, holding a stick, thinking that he is able to save seventy-two, master in distress "; if you ever take a false pistol don’t know how long it has sharpened my parents, thinking that he is brave to solve the black Sergeant; if you have fantasies on their feet on a hot wheels, or magic skills have thousands of eyes and ears. In our childhood, there must be a cartoon character, we want to be a dream. In fact, these make the mare go animated characters, not imagined, but from the traditional culture of the classic image of Chinese. The image of Sun Wukong in the Ming Dynasty were novelist Wu Chengen’s "journey to the west", Na Zha is also based on the Chinese classical novel "journey to the west" and "FengShenYanYi", and also by the magic brush of China famous children’s literature writer Mr. Hong Xuntao on 1950s by the creation of the Chinese fairy tale. In 2002, the "capture" book "the legend of Na Zha" children’s publishing company, created Chinese fairy tale brilliant, beyond the "Harry Potter", became "Chinese Na Zha, the legend of the world". And then to today "Mahatma return" hot, China traditional animation of the rise again, not just for our childhood memories, it is Chinese generation inheritance of traditional culture. This summer, children’s Publishing Co., once again brought the classic form is more novel, with full of childhood memories of the comic comic book style, a frame memory, a page of the story, let our children be able to understand the father mother generation of childhood fairy tales, in addition to the prince and Princess Elf, and wild is the sense of responsibility of the monkey king, with the brothers in arms broken gold gourd, is full of justice and Nezha mind, with greedy rulers n.monmarche, there is a great fear of black cat ears…… Everyone’s childhood, there must be a want to be them, who do you want to be? Who do you want to be?相关的主题文章: